Sunday, 9 December 2018

New laptop

So my laptop died about a week ago. Literally just finished publishing my last post and kerplunk! No more laptop. After trying to cope with only the one computer for both of us (my iMac is at Brad's Mum's place), we finally gave it up and went to Duncan. Actually, I was at Pickleball and when I got home Brad says 'let's go, I have a surprise for you'... okey dokey, no argument here....

Sure enough he drove to the ferry, not even remotely what I was expecting... nice surprise. We returned home around 5pm last night and I after eating supper I set about setting up my new computer.... aargh. The bloody thing was only put together May 12 of 2018 (7 months ago) and it was doing updates until midnight last night. Then this morning another round of updates... that is annoying.

Anyway, I'm almost finished getting it sorted but thought I'd put out a post since it seems like ages.

Here I am, there you are... all is right with the world.

Now, just to finish this computer stuff...........................................


  1. I hate setting up computers too. In our move last May, Ray put a heavy box on top of my computer and the whole screen is cracked ... expected it to die pretty quickly as it is a touch screen. Amazingly it still works fine. Looking forward to seeing you guys later in the week.

  2. The one thingI love about my newest Mac Book air, no real setup, plug in the time machine and all done a few hours later all by itself.

  3. I just hate update! Especially on my phone and Gmail. I don’t want to see changes! I like it it stay the same!
    There, my rant!🤪

    1. Rant away Shirley! I love a good rant myself now and again... :D


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