Saturday, 15 December 2018

Victoria Holiday

As mentioned previously, Ray & Deb were going to Victoria and they invited us to join up with them there. It was a great little holiday since I haven't been to Victoria since I was roughly 6 years old and Brad was raised there. We checked out a couple of his old haunts...

Brad's 2nd house in Colwood that his Dad built.

Great views

1st house in Colwood

Tudor pub

Arriving at our hotel we had a fantastic view of the harbour (those are floating homes beside the apartment building)

Daylight view of the harbour from our room

A seal swimming in the harbour

Oak Bay Marina

Some of the famous totem poles

Ray & Deb of Kastle's Journey

We met up at the Royal BC Museum

The Egyptians were in town

After the Egyptian display comes ...

Robbie's Great-great-great-great...... he was confused by this

What would you take from finding a bunch of stuff from your childhood in a museum display?>>> 

Seriously wasn't THAT long ago

Double Decker buses

An American cruise ship entering the harbour

Okay so this toilet/bidet contraption is quite the joke. Absolutely ridiculous to my mind. And I was so looking forward to a soaker bath but found only the 1960's cast iron standby... I guess they probably stand up better to abuse but gheesh I was disappointed.

We went for supper with Ray & Deb in Chinatown 

I had called the front desk of the hotel to arrange for an extra night since there was still so many things I wanted to see. When I woke up the next morning to find the bill under the door I knew something was up. Sure enough the guy didn't put the extension in the system so we decided to head home anyway since I wasn't feeling completely up to snuff.

We stopped for lunch somewhere along the Malahat

Brad has been receiving complaints that there aren't enough pictures of me on the Blog so now he takes pics as often as he can.... even when I look like shite! Thanks Mum.

Went to Ray & Deb's on the way home, they invited us to stay but since I was clearly coming down with something I didn't want to stay at their place too long and get everyone sick. They have a fantastic house that they are doing many many renovations to. As I'm sure most are following them anyway, I won't repeat it all,. For more info: Kastle's Journey 

Back yard - Good gig if you can get it! Wow


Brad, Deb & Ray

Deb went to town with fixin' some snacks, I wasn't feeling well so just couldn't bring myself to munch on them like I would normally do. Fair warning Deb: I'll eat all that and more if you let me haha!

A gift from Ray & Deb
This is the bestest prezzie ever, we love it 


  1. I've been reading Deb's blog with their Reno details. She is a great writer to keep track of everything that's been done. I'm amazed at the things they have accomplished. I would not have patience for that, at all! It's a beautiful home. Most museums have the things I grew up with. I believe they call me mid-century now. It's depressing. Hope you are feeling better.

    1. Hey FG!, We were talking about you while we were at the museum. Deb mentioned that your reading her, that's awesome! I have slept for most of the last 24 hours (I think I"ve been awake maybe 5 of those), still have a goosebump body, chills and achey bones... I never get sick so its a pain in the arse when I do. Very inconvenient... LOL

  2. Hope you feel well soon. We had a blast meeting you guys and hope to catch up again soon ... especially when "you are up to snuff". Thanks for taking the time to come and visit us out of your way, and glad you like your new Christmas ornament. :)

    1. We had a great visit and look forward to seeing you guys again soon. I'm struggling to stay awake until 9 (1:17 hrs to go) because I've been asleep most of the day.

  3. The ship in the Victoria Harbour is the "Coho" a Washington State ferry that runs between Pt. Angeles and Victoria. We catch it twice a year when travelling back and forth from Arizona.

    1. Yes thanks Angela, Deb did tell us the name of that ship but I couldn't remember it when I was writing. Enjoy the heat, see you in the spring?!


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