Saturday, 24 August 2019

A few days away

Virginia and Thomas (Relief hosts) were having company come so they traded us a couple of days so they would have time off to visit their family.

This meant we had 4 whole days!

We get a lot of campers from Parksville and they have told me how great it is there so that's where we went. TO THE BEACH!

I tried to book a hotel with a deep dish bathtub but the rate was $550/nt ( deep dish is only in the suites), so a stupid regular bathtub was in my future - Damn it.

Anyway, we got a great hotel, Bayside Resort. It has a regular hotel bathtub (better than no bathtub) but with our military discount it was only $138/nt... much better. And - right on the beach.

Yup, this is the life

Robbie liked the view

Lots of people enjoying the seaside at low tide

Same view at high tide

A flock of seagulls doing yoga on the beach

With Tim's (coffee) in hand we wandered around the beach

Great playground for the kids and even a free workout area for everyone just out of frame.

This woman has been dragged through a bush, me thinks...

Our hotel from the water side

Decided to check out Qualicum Beach but wasn't much there so we kept driving... through Comox Valley all the way to Campbell River before deciding we best turn back. Thinking we were only 50Km from our hotel we were shocked to have Google Maps tell us we were 1 hr 20 min from the hotel.... Whaa..?

We stayed in Parksville for 2 nights on the waterfront and it was great to be back on the ocean again.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

July so far

Busy days around here, and I don't have many pictures because its just been too busy to go too far. Here is what I do have:

Some Happy Campers

Often Brad will take campers with low profile vehicles up to the top of Mt. Maxwell in our Jeep and these girls were some of them - I sent him up with the camera on this particular occasion. 

Beautiful and expansive views of the surrounding area can be had from the top of Mt. Maxwell but the road is not one you should take a small car on.

The owner came in to give us relief one day so we went to our new favourite beach and then to Hasting's House for dinner.

Hasting's House is a high-end restaurant/hotel. We were definitely not dressed appropriately but they let us in ( likely because we run this campground) since it was quiet in there just before a wedding. We are eat & run people, we don't hang about after a meal and tie up a table, so it worked out well.

We hadn't intended to make this stop but we were appreciative that they allowed us in looking like we'd been dragged through a bush backwards... or at least not looking up to par. Our waiter was great with a good sense of humour as well.

The campground has been super busy, apparently we're breaking records and that keeps us hopping all day. For the most part, the campers are having a great time and appreciate the small little details that we do to make their stay enjoyable. We've had some great reviews on Google and Tripadvisor which is always nice. We do find that some people don't realize that we are new managers and previous reviews can affect how they interpret their stay, but 99% are absolutely fantastic and we have met some fascinating people so far this year.

Yesterday we received a review that we were the best campground in the Gulf Islands! That sure made our day!!!

This is swim club weekend ( there are also firefighter and baseball events on this weekend) so the campground is absolutely full for the second weekend this month... most every day we are running at about 60% capacity and around 85% on weekends which is great, especially during the week and it keeps us on our toes to say the least. Never a dull moment.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Return to our regular programming

Yes, I know I'm a terrible human... frankly we've just been so exhausted from the work leading up to our parents visit that once they left I just couldn't bring myself to write anything.... the campground still needed to be run and I guess that was all I could manage. 

So picking up where I left off almost a month ago......

Dad relaxing with a good book 

Took Dad to PickleBall - he was just going to watch because of his bad knee but within 5 minutes someone (I was playing on a different court) convinced him to play... he is front left at the net. He loved it, a fun low impact game.

Then we went to a beach in Fulford

Had lunch at Buzzy's

Big steak dinner Brad BBQ'd up for us

Then it was time for Dad to fly home. His flights went off without a hitch which was great and he made it home safe and sound and on time.

Too exhausted to even make a sandwich, Brad and I went to the local golf course for lunch.

We found a new beach with an old Catamaran that looks to need some love
( I want a Leopard 43, if anyone out there wants to get me one...!! )

Awesome beach spot. 
I'd tell you where it is but then it wouldn't be so awesome in short order.

Water goes up and around this corner to another harbour

There is a cabin barely visible in these trees

Another cabin

Incredible wear on these old rocks

You know how long this took to happen...


Okay so we are all caught up. 

The campground is running well and we haven't had any issues as yet but the July long weekend is approaching in a few days.... let's hope our luck holds!!!

I will make a better effort to be a better human and get back to my normal writing routine.

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Seeing the sights

We've been going around the island seeing all the sights.

Top of Mt. Maxwell

Fulford valley below

Resting after the long drive up the mountain

St. Mary's Lake

We visited Lavender & Black lavender farm

Remember my Uncle Tom and his wife Bea?... they came across from Duncan to see Dad and Meg and we had a BBQ before they had to run off to Victoria for the weekend. Had such a good time we forgot to get any pictures.

The old fogies catching up on the iPhones at the end of the day, my how times have changed.

Today we are going down to the market..... it will be mayhem down there... wish me luck.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Guests and the new Sitting Room

Anyone remember this?

We've spent a lot of time fixing this room so that it could be a nice added space for us as an outdoor sitting room. Brad's mum Meg arrived last night with my Dad on a float plane. It just so happened that they were on the same flight from Saskatoon (Dad was visiting my brother there), so they were able to travel together all the way here - including the sea plane.

Our new Sitting Room

Spruced up the little deck as well.


They made it... really small sea plane... not sure I'd like this tiny thing much but I guess I'll get used to it.

Dad, Meg and Brad

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Sunroom action

With both of our parents coming on Tuesday.... we are finally getting to sort out the sunroom. It has been nothing more than a storage room since we boarded it weeks (maybe months) ago. We've been focused on the camp grounds and then the May long weekend happened. Now, we can start on the sunroom. 

Everyone meet Crystal, Crystal -- Everyone.

A week or so ago, I saw an add on Facebook for some cedar slabs. So I picked up a 3 inch thick 8 footer for $50 and the guy cut it in half so I could get it all in the Jeep. I have also ordered and yesterday received the main fabric for the sunroom from Amazon.

Yesterday while Brad was at his weekly massage, I decided to get on with it. The slabs are quite dry but still heavy and obviously very awkward so I enlisted the help of our new neighbour -- Crystal. Once the slab I wanted to work on was cut to size, I got it and the legs sanded. We still have about 4 cedar 2x6x10 that were used as shelving in the former storage shed that is now our prized sunroom and I used that for the coffee table legs.

Today Brad will trim out the room and then I can get at staining it and making it all pretty. So, while he's doing the trim I will get the coffee table finished and maybe even start some other tables I have planned. We'll see how far we get today.

While cleaning up sites after the long weekend, Brad found this rock. There is a woman on the island who makes and sells them and people hide them for other people to find... 

I gave a new spray coat of paint to our little bistro set yesterday also but didn't think to take a pic, today I will get a pic and put it in the next post.