Friday, 8 February 2019

Blizzard and a new CPAP

Although the island is still recovering from the storm of Dec 20th when we lost many trees and power for as long as 2 weeks for some people, apparently there is a blizzard on its way beginning tonight (Friday).

We will be hunkered down in our little rig for a few days while what is - in these parts, anyway - a bitter few days passes. 'They' tell us it will be -12C tonight (10F) and in that range for another 4 days before warming up slightly to the -5C (23F) range - these are windchill temps. This island could get as much as 4 inches of snow according to the people who never get it right and a lot of wind (90km/h / 56 mph) is expected, making this quite a blizzard.

I thought I'd put out this post just in case we should lose power (we were only out for 1.5 days on Dec. 20) which we undoubtedly will, for an extended period. Because of the storm's strong winds in Dec a lot of trees were felled and concern now is for the danger of compromised (ie loose) trees falling and given that the island is covered with rather large trees, this is a significant concern.

On another note:
Brad has been having trouble with his CPAP machine for quite awhile now and on Wednesday we decided that he would go to Duncan and get a new one. First, I called to make sure the place I thought would have them in stock actually had them in stock and they did but the price was around $2500. This is not his first purchase of these things, so we knew they would be expensive but while he waited, literally with his coat on I decided to check Amazon....

His new CPAP is due to arrive today via Purolator. The CPAP was under $500 and his new mask which he didn't need but decided to get anyway, was about $115. The new mask arrived yesterday. Both are from Canadian suppliers (ie not China), while they were probably made in China like everything else, they are not shipping on the slow boat from China. I know a few readers use a CPAP so I thought I'd mention this as these machines are very expensive.

As for prescriptions... if you are ordering an Auto CPAP you do not need a prescription and the pressures do not need to be set. Only for an old style CPAP do you need an appointment with the setterupper guy to get your machine sorted, requiring you to pay a fortune to purchase the machine from said setterupper guy.

Should you have trouble with it at any time, just Google it. There are plenty of YouTube videos of how to change the settings, etc of particular machines. And the new machine of course, does come with instructions. Amazon: one advantage to this Global Economy. We have purchased CPAPs from the states before because they are quite a bit cheaper but these Amazon prices are priceless.


  1. Stay Warm and Safe. In Southwest Ontario a Blizzard is a Foot or more with White out conditions. In the Southwest US a Blizzard is TWO Inches because they don't have Snow removal equipment.
    Thanks for the CPAP information. At present ours are covered under the Health Plan I have as a retiree.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Your lucky, our plan doesn't cover the CPAP...

  2. Hope you do not get the high winds tonight and lose your power again... hopefully your generator is up to snuff in case. Now the our fireplace is fixed I am not as worried as we will still stay warm.

    1. Oh yeah, rub it in... Mrs fancy house over there. All hell breaks loose here - we're moving in to your place. My bathtub is there anyway ;)

  3. Hope you don't lose power and hope the storm isn't too bad. Stay safe guys!



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