Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Conservatory Day 2

After emptying the new Conservatory space it was time to start on the ceiling. The Conservatory end of this shed has a floor, but the potting end does not. We will be putting a floor on the potting end and re-caulking the roof because we are not completely sure which side this mould is coming from. There is a good possibility that it is coming from the open floor area, but we want to be sure.

So yesterday (and again later today), I set about saturating this mould with a bleach solution. Because it was so heavy, I opted for a roughly 70/30 bleach solution. 

Before: Conservatory ceiling

After: Conservatory ceiling

Before: Potting ceiling

After: Potting ceiling

Super impressed with how this turned out, so much so that I'm going to hit it again today and hope to completely eliminate the staining. I have purchased a mould killing paint assuming that while the mould would be killed that the black staining would need to be painted to cover it. If however, I am able to eliminate the staining I can return the mould kill paint.

We are planning to use a white stain as opposed to paint -for a rustic look, so it would be great to be able to do the same on the ceiling.

I have also found a couch/guest bed solution on Pinterest for which I can use the heavy cedar planks that we removed from the conservatory the other day.

Still keeping an eye out for some better lighting options.

I believe we will do a Solar Heating option, though I am still researching the details of this - specifically for best options towards southern exposure for a north side building without losing all the heat before it enters the space. More on this later.


  1. What a difference the bleach made. Good luck with getting the rest of it off. :)

    1. I've sprayed it down this morning already but I haven't been out to see if its noticeable. I also bleached the window frames while I was at it...

  2. Great project! Nice job on the stain/mould removal. I love the idea off the white stain it will make it nice and bright.

  3. Thanks Judith, I sprayed it again yesterday but haven't been in to check it yet. Might get to painting it today.

    PS I've only got 2 full-service sites left to work with this summer and they are filling up fast... if your still planning to come this way that is.

    1. laid plans. We have decided to stay east this year...for a bunch of reasons. Sad we won't be out this year but happy we don't have to race across Canada in the fall before the snow flies.

    2. Guess its lucky you saw that since I didn't reply properly! Blonde again. Anyway, too bad we won't get to meet this year - maybe next.


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