Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Snowbound week

Well we are still waiting for the snow to disappear. Ended up with somewhere between 34"-37" depending on which side of the creek you were on... brutal.

Most of the campers here have 4x4 so were able to get out okay, Brad drove one to town a couple of times because she wasn't able to get up the long driveway.

There are still plenty of people plowed in, unable to get out of their driveways by car. Brad spent about 4 days last week sitting downtown waiting for hitch hikers and driving them here or there. Hitch hiking is a thing here on Salt Spring Island, all year long you will see plenty of people with their thumbs out.

Generally we do not pick up hitch hikers but in such adverse conditions as we experienced last week, Brad felt it was a good way for him to contribute to the efforts of many people on the island who were out helping others.

Don't know when the weather will get warm enough, but the moment it does I will be out there trashing our outdoor enclosed living area in an attempt to make it a comfortable place for us and maybe some friends/family. It would also be great to have somewhere for the winter crowd of campers to be able to gather and interact occasionally.

PS: In the 70's ( my childhood - when the world was a better place?!) I heard of a man ( in Canada, no less) who picked up a hitch hiker and ended up with his throat slit, hence my no pick up policy.

PPS: Yes, I am a little crazy but a whole lotta cute! Right?!!!!   :D


  1. Sounds like you got a foot more snow than we did. Wonder what this weekend will bring. We don't pick up hitchhikers either ... or at least I do not. Ray has been known to do it when I am not in the car.

    1. The weather will be bright, sunny and warm this weekend -- I am wishing it so. LOL

  2. Oh yuck -- too much snow :( Nice of Brad to drive folks around -- they'd be very appreciative no doubt! Hoping your snow melts soon!!

    We don't pick hitch hikers up either for the same reason you mentioned.


    1. Well at least I'm not the only one. Whew. Your weather hasn't been much better I heard.


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