Tuesday, 5 March 2019

About that inspection...

Well it turns out (apparently) that our King pins (no idea) are 'quite worn' and need to be replaced. I seem to remember hearing about this on RV Love a couple of years ago so I recognize the name of the problem but still have no clue as to what it is - other than something something steering.

As this will be around $2000, we are hoping it will be covered by our enormous super duper extended warranty but haven't had a chance to check on that as yet. Problem is that its a 2 day repair, Yikes. Boss man won't like that... no idea how we are going to manage this but I'm sure we'll figure something out.

As is the way of it, we sat around here for weeks with trickle phone calls sometimes 2, 3 or 4 a day sometimes none in a day but a steady trickling of bookings... Thinking 'hey its Monday in early March, no one will call' off we go to Duncan to deal with our stuff and lo and behold the voicemail was full and I had 10 emails on top of that this morning.... naturally! All caught up now though but wowsers the pace at which this place is filling is increasing exponentially.

We had our taxes done at H&R Block while we were in town, Brad usually does them but we have a lot going on so we let them do it while we were in town. Quite a nice return coming and away we went, then the lady (she was new) called to say she hadn't given Brad his disability credit so he had to stop back in the shop and the difference was an extra $1600  - so that was a nice bonus.

Ray & Deb of Kastle's Journey drove in to Duncan to meet us for lunch. Very nice of them as its the better part of a half hours drive from their place to Original Joe's where we met up. Had a nice visit and some good grub and we were off again to do yet more running around.

I went to Dollarama for some Irish Spring ( yes, the soap) to put around the yard, again - just planning ahead, I don't know what to expect and I don't want to learn the hard way. While there I also picked up some seed pots which were 48 for $1.25 - you'd never get a price like that on the island so I grabbed them as the seeds I've ordered (designed yet again to deter mice, flies, wasps, etc.) have been shipped from Vancouver so should be arriving in short order.

Also, we've been having a propane issue, not sure if I've mentioned this or not, but we first noticed it in California... occasionally we would smell propane, and it seemed to be getting worse. We had a propane guy over to the rig to check it out and he couldn't find any problem, assured us that it was just the something something burping... don't ask me, I know nothing.... anyway, so we ignored it but lately its been getting worse or seemed to be anyway so we stopped at Greg's RV in Duncan and had them take a look.

Turns out, one of the lines had a crack, the line was not copper but neoprene or something like that. Anyway, they didn't have time to deal with it yesterday but they did close off that part of the line, fortunately the only thing at the end of that line was the cooker/oven. Yes, this will be a nuisance but we still have the convection oven and instant pot, so we should be able to manage. Besides we eat out a lot and we're currently searching for our next BBQ.

We have booked in tentatively for March 27 to have this propane line replaced but we'll have to see what arrangements we can come up with in that regard. Since this is a Wed and we also need 2 days for the King Pin repair in order to finish the inspection and properly plate this rig - I'm going to try to make arrangements to do it all at once. This of course will depend on getting someone to cover us while we're gone. Leaving for 1 day is one thing, 3 is a whole other ballgame... though if I take the booking sheets with me, I could still take the reservations and just process them when we get back... hmmm, that is totally doable.

Well I think that's it for today, pretty much in a holding pattern until the Conservatory is lifted.


  1. Sorry to hear about your repairs going to take longer than you wish. Isn't it always the way. See if they will let you stay in your rig overnight like Camping World does. How about calling your new room the "Sitting Room"?

    1. I have added 'sitting room' to the poll options. Seems so obvious, really. I hate when that happens - which is a lot LOL

  2. Well the good news is that the tax refund will cover the RV repairs and ferry costs:))

    1. As it turns out BOTH repairs are covered under the warranty! So it was a triple bonus... 2 repairs under warranty and a good tax refund to boot! Love it.

    2. Awesome. Glad to hear that it is covered.


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