Friday, 29 March 2019

Finding Simon and Holiday to Duncan

Our RV still hasn't been switched to BC plates, but not for lack of trying.....

We made arrangements here at the campground to be gone for a few days because the Out Of Province Inspection we had done a few weeks back required our King Pins to be replaced, and we found out we had a propane leak.... these would require the RV to be in Duncan for 3 days.

We worked like dogs around the grounds in the weeks prior to this 'time off' knowing that when we returned there wouldn't be much time left before the official season opening of April 1st. While there are not a lot of bookings in April, there are quite a few and the first couple are on the 2nd.... We have set ourselves the goal of having the grounds 'ready' by the 1st - and we think we'll make it.

In my tired stupor I booked an AirBnB instead of staying with Ray & Deb at their home at Lake Cowichan - No idea what I was thinking but by the time I realized the cancellation time was too late. And to add insult to injury --- no bathtub! Aye aye aye - told you I was tired!

Anyway, the place I booked was absolutely lovely, fantastic views and the grounds are well maintained and built with rock wall layers - stunning. While spring has only just begun I can only imagine the beauty this property holds during summer. Though there wasn't a tub, the shower was sooooo awesome! Water pressure!!!!!! and hot for as long as you wanted!!!!! Any RVer will tell you that a these two things are like Gold.

The space was huge, we only 'lived' in the main room of it and it was about 3 times the size of our rig. The hosts were very friendly but not 'always around' friendly, just let us do our thing. All the amenities were there and in the end it was a great place to stay and very close to Duncan.

Picture of the grounds at Maple Bay Vista BnB

Trying to get him out the door for dinner with Ray & Deb

OMG he's multiplying.....

Only pic I took that night was of Ray's workshop - Love it! and a lot jealous.

Deer outside our BnB window in the morning

Robbie waiting for deer to return

I have been following Finding Simon for 3 years after seeing him on Canada AM. At that time he was living in a converted van and has since sold the van and lived off of his motorcycle with side car. Now he is renovating a 47 ft Catamaran that he picked up for $5000CAD and I am fascinated by his ingenuity, creativity and all out gumption. He is on FB and Twitter but his main medium is YouTube - check him out!

Waiting for the ferry to Gabriola Island

Nanaimo has many harbour view condos...

...and tankers waiting to load

Simon Found and made this little old lady very happy!
(He's about 6'6", I'm not a shrimp)

Terrible picture of Simon's catamaran

Degnen Bay, Gabriola Island

Trying to get off Gabriola was a bit trying....

The lineup went well back past the U-turn for the ferry

Missed the ferry we were trying to get so I walked around the bend to get lunch

There is our little RV on the left getting her propane line fixed

Upon our return to the campground, we remembered the owner was having gravel delivered to our site while we were gone. As dusk was approaching we set up our rig in the only other empty spot and headed off for supper at our favourite haunt, The OysterCatcher.

Love the view of the marina from The Oyster Catcher

Now, back to work.


  1. Wow you found one super sized Simon! Glad you got everything done with the MH. Hope your first few days opening work out well.

    1. From your lips.... here's hoping. Enjoyed our dinner out the other night, thanks for putting up with us (him ;D)

  2. Good luck today, I bet you've made the campground look beautiful. One month today we'll be out of the house and on the road!

    1. Thanks Judith, that is very thoughtful of you! You are welcome here anytime...


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