Monday, 4 March 2019

New curtains and a BC Safety Inspection

I finally managed to get those curtains done, in the back shed. The windows are so small that I just cut the fabric the shape I wanted and hung them. Since they are new the colour makes them really stand out, a bit of sun fading would go a long way here, and I believe that to be in the cards.

Back Shed


The office curtains are not very visible through the glare but look great inside. These I actually sewed and I'm happy with how they turned out, I even made the tie backs.


Today we are off to Duncan with the RV. Our timeline for getting everything switched to BC is running out in another month and we haven't been able to find somewhere to have the safety done (to ensure it is roadworthy). Several days ago I finally contacted ICBC directly and explained the situation and that I could not find anyone, I was directed to their online ICBC approved list (which I had searched for but could not find online).

Turns out it was a terminology issue. I had been asking for a Safety Inspection on our motorhome but should have been asking for a Class 2 safety inspection. Class 2 is any vehicle over 5500kg here.

Anyway, today is our appointment and so away we go. In order to ensure we can be on the ferry we want to be on in order to arrive on time, we have to leave here 2 hours ahead of the appointment. We've been told it should take about an hour..... Cross everything that she passes, will ya!?!?!?

While there are companies on Salt Spring which do Class 2 safety inspections (I called them all), they tell me their shops are not big enough to accommodate such a large rig.

The Conservatory

Is on hold because the owner was by the other day and the building needs to be lifted slightly (you may recall that from earlier posts), this is not in our wheelhouse so next weekend he will come by and give us a hand with it.

Also, we will be insulating the walls which will certainly make it more comfortable for guests. I hadn't intended to insulate it because as its not our building I didn't want to pay for it and certainly couldn't expect him to...  Imagine my surprise! While it will only be a couple of hundred dollars, I thought that was very generous of him. However, none of this can be done until it is lifted, obviously.

Meanwhile I can work on the couch/bed and some decor items. Not sure that the solar furnace I was planning will be needed with it insulated but I have the plans should we deem it so, however the solar water heater plans are still on my list for the shed which houses my laundry facilities.


  1. The curtains look real cute. Way to go. Good luck today with your inspection.

    1. Thanks, we’ll keep you posted on the days prigression by text.

  2. Love the curtains, they're very cute, well done. Good luck on the inspection. Maybe one of those little wood stoves in the conservatory?

    1. Thanks Judith, excellent idea if the wood stove, I was just trying to avoid any insurance issues with actual fire. I haven’t actually asked mind you...

  3. The curtains look great. Too bad you have to spend all that money to take the RV over to Duncan for the inspection.

    1. Hi Contessa!,
      Yes it seems silly to me too but we were able to do a bunch of other errands while the rig was in the shop so it worked out just as well. Even had lunch with fellow Bloggers which you'll read about in my next post.


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