Thursday, 21 March 2019


We've been busy working on the grounds. Time is ticking by so fast seems like just yesterday we moved into this spot, now its almost April. That 3.5ft of snow has really delayed things and now we have a push on to get everything ready.

This is the largest garden and I spent a total of 3 days sorting it out.

A different angle on our spot.

Yesterday we set about dealing with the bathrooms. Using a spray can lid and a turkey baster we sucked out all the antifreeze from the toilets and I sprayed bleach on all the walls in the bathrooms as there was some mildew on them from the winter season. Today I hope to get them cleaned properly and hang new shower curtains in the shower house. 

It appears we have a broken pipe in the ground (extreme cold temps this winter - for this area) so that will need to be sorted.

We plan to put a fresh coat of paint on the bathroom floors to freshen everything up. Not sure we'll get to that today but would like them to be cleaned and ready.

I have also done some further work on the operational system so that we can work smarter not harder during the busy season. We'll have to see how well all the changes I've implemented work out.


  1. Looking forward to seeing you both next week.

  2. Good to be busy. Would you explain to me, why you had to suck the anti - freeze out of the toilets and not simply flush it down, I am curious. Thanks in advance.


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