Thursday, 14 March 2019

Sitting room Day 7

Spent another few hours putting the new sitting room together. Got quite a bit done yesterday.

Roof vent trays installed

Vapour barrier put up and tuck taped

We had a very small bit left when we ran out of vapour barrier so we managed to use small pieces and get it all covered. Vapour barrier can only be purchased in 50 ft rolls and we clearly didn't need that much. Its not pretty but it is effective.

Going to be a nice cozy space

Managed to get 3 sheets up on the walls as well.
Yes, plywood on the walls - it is a shed after all.

We left the 4'x8' plywood outside last night because those who never get it right said it wasn't going to rain.......

This morning when I checked the weather (1st site I go to every am) - shock of all shocks, light rain turning to showers... beginning in 15 minutes....

Grabbed the dog for his morning excursion and moved all the plywood inside.... likely won't be able to do anything in here today, sheets are too large to cut in this small space. We'll see if it actually rains.


  1. Your sitting room is really coming along.
    Chris St. Claire of The Weather Network stated a few years ago that the Weather changes so much that the Meteorologist can no longer accurately forecast more then a day and sometimes only hours before. We've been hit by storms before the Warnings appeared.
    Be Safe and Enjoy a rest day.

    It's about time.

    1. As much as I like Chris St. Claire, I can't help but note that when I was a kid if they said it would rain, it did... The new age way of weather prediction is just not that good.

      Thanks for following along. BTW, have more than desert for dinner tonight ;)

  2. Great progress! BTW plywood is a very trendy wall treatment, Google it :) The sitting room is going to be a very cozy spot in the winter and a cool breezy one in the summer.

    1. Thanks Judith, we're really excited about it. Unfortunately, Brad is having a tooth issue the last 2 days so I've been doing gardening while he is out of commission. Hope to get back at it tomorrow.

  3. Oh dear, tooth problems are soooo painful :( Hope he feels better soon. We still have lots of snow so gardening sounds like a lovely thing to do.


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