Sunday, 17 March 2019

Sitting Room Day 8

We went to Brad's dental appt yesterday at 8am, while talking before the extraction we discovered that the aspirin he takes every morning meant he couldn't have the tooth pulled, even though he hadn't taken it that morning apparently its 5 days so it has had to be rescheduled yet again.

We managed to get all the walls done yesterday but the building is not square -- anywhere. Its literally all over the place. There are even wall centers that are higher than the edges.... no idea how the hell that happened but suffice to say it is taking a lot longer and the cuts are not precise no matter how careful we are and each piece has had to be edited several times to get a fit which is throwing off other measurements.... aye aye aye. We didn't have this much trouble when we built the house, but I guess when this shed was put together it was just a shed and built for that purpose.

No one ever anticipates me... LOL

After much ado we managed to get the walls completed and even put one on the ceiling -- oh yeah, that was fun, and at the end of a long day - it was enough and we called it.

Today we will finish the ceiling come hell or high water (I think...) and I might even get a first coat of stain on it.... unless we feel it needs trim first. This week is supposed to be a 'heatwave' for this time of year with temps in the teens which will be much welcome.

We need to get on with some gardening as we want the place ready for campers come April 1, though likely it will be May before we get any significant amount of bookings we will need to get the 'camper ring' finished for April and we will have time after that to work on the 'tent ring' which I don't anticipate anyone needing until May - even out here, but I could be wrong so speed is of the essence.

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