Friday, 5 April 2019

RV officially lives here too

We finally managed to get our RV plated and insured for BC. Considering the 3 western provinces are supposed to be easy to move between, we sure had a lot of rigmarole to work through, but it is done now.

The rain came and washed all the dirt off of our new gravel on our site and now it feels like our yard is a pebble beach - awesome!

We finished all the grounds work a few days ago (April 1st) and have been busy doing little odds and ends. We had ordered some clips for each site post but they were too small so sent them back and the new, proper sized ones, have since been attached to all of the posts and we are ready for the rush to begin.

I am still taking several bookings each day and we have a few straddlers camping already but the onslaught starts mid April.

Once all the posts have been put in place (we are replacing several of them), then we will be able to put more effort into the Sunroom.

I have great plans for the sunroom but we'll see what we actually achieve... since we don't want to be running power tools while campers are on site, we will need to get at this space quickly.

As to the room name: Bill, I believe it was, came up with Sunroom and frankly it is much easier/quicker than Sitting Room, so that is the one I am going with. This in no way means that I don't absolutely love the person who came up with Sitting Room - I do (Deb) but easy is easy so there you have it.



  1. Glad you are getting the stuff done you need to before the rush. Sunroom sounds perfect. Looking forward to seeing the finished product at some point.

  2. You now are officially British Columbians. Hope you are taking some R & R time for yourselves.

  3. I love how important all the details you take care of to make your campground a happy place for the campers!


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