Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Windsor, Ontario

I am in Windsor, Ontario this week.

My Stepmother passed suddenly Friday am. Although she had been ill for quite some time, it happened very quickly and as everyone can appreciate we are all in shock - my Father is especially devastated.

I flew out on Saturday after training Brad to run the office at the campground, fortunately he catches on quickly. Arriving early Sunday morning, my Dad picked me up from the airport and I will be here until likely this Sunday, although my ticket is changeable should that be needed.

All arrangements were made by my Stepmother prior to her passing which I guess is making things easier in that regard for my Father.

I do not expect to post again until I have returned home.


  1. Katie so sorry for you and your family. Tough times for awhile. Glad you are there to support your Dad. Sending you hugs from Ray and I. I have faith that Brad will manage without you but will miss you greatly and wish he could have gone with you to give you support. It really is a shame that the owner has not hired any relief for you.

  2. Aw, I'm so sorry for your loss. It's so hard. Take care of your dad.

  3. Sorry for your loss, we just passed Detroit and will be in New Hamburg Ontario now for a few weeks. Nice that you can be there for your Dad.

  4. Condolences. Nice Brad is a quick learner.

  5. So sorry about the loss of your step-mom, Katie. Thinking of you guys as you go through these next days. (((hugs)))


  6. So very sorry for your loss. So glad you are there for your family and Brad is able toehold the fort together.




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