Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Guests and the new Sitting Room

Anyone remember this?

We've spent a lot of time fixing this room so that it could be a nice added space for us as an outdoor sitting room. Brad's mum Meg arrived last night with my Dad on a float plane. It just so happened that they were on the same flight from Saskatoon (Dad was visiting my brother there), so they were able to travel together all the way here - including the sea plane.

Our new Sitting Room

Spruced up the little deck as well.


They made it... really small sea plane... not sure I'd like this tiny thing much but I guess I'll get used to it.

Dad, Meg and Brad

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Sunroom action

With both of our parents coming on Tuesday.... we are finally getting to sort out the sunroom. It has been nothing more than a storage room since we boarded it weeks (maybe months) ago. We've been focused on the camp grounds and then the May long weekend happened. Now, we can start on the sunroom. 

Everyone meet Crystal, Crystal -- Everyone.

A week or so ago, I saw an add on Facebook for some cedar slabs. So I picked up a 3 inch thick 8 footer for $50 and the guy cut it in half so I could get it all in the Jeep. I have also ordered and yesterday received the main fabric for the sunroom from Amazon.

Yesterday while Brad was at his weekly massage, I decided to get on with it. The slabs are quite dry but still heavy and obviously very awkward so I enlisted the help of our new neighbour -- Crystal. Once the slab I wanted to work on was cut to size, I got it and the legs sanded. We still have about 4 cedar 2x6x10 that were used as shelving in the former storage shed that is now our prized sunroom and I used that for the coffee table legs.

Today Brad will trim out the room and then I can get at staining it and making it all pretty. So, while he's doing the trim I will get the coffee table finished and maybe even start some other tables I have planned. We'll see how far we get today.

While cleaning up sites after the long weekend, Brad found this rock. There is a woman on the island who makes and sells them and people hide them for other people to find... 

I gave a new spray coat of paint to our little bistro set yesterday also but didn't think to take a pic, today I will get a pic and put it in the next post.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Two's company

Time is ticking away and we have so much to do, with nothing having been done to the sunroom since we boarded it, it now needs to be finished completely in 12 days - the Mother-in-Law is coming...

Brad's mum called with some date options for her summer visit and they correlated with my Dad's visit which is probably a great idea since we are technically working - with them both here at the same time they will be able to go touring around together when we are busy around the campground.

However, this now means that the sunroom must be completed - and fast.

Robbie watching over his kingdom

Brad picked up the wood for the window trims and ceiling/floor trim.

I found a guy who sells cedar slabs 8ft for $50.... so coffee, end tables and sofa tables are coming soon. I found a dresser online locally for $20 which I will make pretty.

The flower pots are blooming nicely

My little veggie garden is holding its own-
tomatoes, peppers, garlic and the 2 little ones are lemon trees which can take up to 2 months to hatch --- its the hatching I have the most trouble with.

Now to keep the rain off so we can get some wood cut! In a drought out here so can't exactly wish for no rain.... night time rain works....

12 days to Dad/Meg...

Monday, 6 May 2019

First busy weekend

Well it has officially begun - for me at least... Brad experienced it while I was away and now I've had the pleasure of a busy weekend.

It was a great weekend, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Friday was nuts trying to keep up with the influx, we were only expecting (reserved) 7 campsites but finished (drop ins) at around 20. Saturday everyone spend exploring the island so the campground was very quiet and Sunday they all went home.

There is a gate at the top of the driveway and we had not wanted to have to put it up BUT now it is evident that we need to. Saturday around 3am someone drove in, pitched a tent and proceeded to get drunk and ornery around the campfire. Unfortunately, no one notified us and we slept through the entire thing. An older gentleman in the site beside this intrusion told them to quieten down and was ignored... he came to us at 8am when the office opened to complain - Brad promptly went to said campsite, woke THEM up and in no uncertain terms had them pack up and get out, stopping at the office to pay the full rate for the night first!

While Brad dealt with this intruder, I refunded the couple their cost for the evening and offered them a free nights stay for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, they had plans at a different island but may return to give us another chance on their way back through. Then Brad called Howard at Buzzy's and arranged an early pickup of several slices of cheesecake which he gave to the other campers in that area to compensate for the trouble.

The gate is now locked every night 10pm - 7am until the fall.

We are expecting our relief couple to arrive at some point in the next few days, perhaps even today. It will be great to have some time off, although in fairness it really hasn't been a thing - yet. It can be inconvenient when trying to accomplish something and the phone keeps interrupting but otherwise we haven't really felt stuck or anything. Still somewhat early in the season so we were still able to go for our Sunday date night and usually one of us will run to town for whatever needs doing while the other stays here and we alternate that so we both get a chance away. Really it hasn't been a thing, but during busy season I can see how it could be.

About my hand.... so I went to the Doc again, he gave me some cream to put on my wrist - somethingsomething-itis he tells me, I demand pictures so he sends me for Xrays... I happened to be the last appt for the day and the tech allows me to see the pics, nope nothing cracked (I had suspected a crack), so its the itis thing after all. I've been using this cream faithfully, twice a day and my wrist has been very painful, yesterday I forgot to use the cream and my wrist didn't bother me all day... last night at bedtime I put the cream on and the pain kept me awake all night.... its in the garbage now -- $75 in cream. Not impressed and Mr Doc will hear about that... God help him.

22 day until Daddy...

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Countdown to Dad begins

Coming back from opening the shower this morning, deer were slowly meandering down the driveway.... love this life.

Friendly neighbourhood deer

We have our BBQ, I know I mentioned it in the last post but here is a pic.

Results of the Vinegar weed killer. Phenomenal stuff.

I was able to cut a line with the sprayer keeping a small boarder of grass in front of the fence

Here is our yard, as it is currently, we brought out our camping chairs for comfort.

Brad spent a few days putting fresh paint on all the garbage cans around the grounds and he changed the recycle bins from brown to blue- seemed appropriate. The owner refreshed our hanging flower baskets and the wall planters as well to add a bit of colour and pizzazz to the place.

No we have not done anything to the sunroom.... too busy sorting the grounds but we're almost finished - and then the sunroom will become a priority. My Dad is coming out for a couple of weeks, the owner has very kindly offered his 5th Wheel for Dad to stay in while he is here and Dad will be trying out the RV Life. Dad wants to continue his travels while he still can and this might be a good option for him. At the very least he's thinking of British Columbia due to Ontario winters so he wants to spend some time and feel it out.

My wonderful husband advised me about an hour ago that he has me booked in for a massage today!!! Wowsers. He gets one every week because of his injuries but I almost never think to go. Apparently he tried to book it for the day after I returned but wasn't able to get me in until today.... and he never mentioned it!

28 Days until Dad arrives....