Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Countdown to Dad begins

Coming back from opening the shower this morning, deer were slowly meandering down the driveway.... love this life.

Friendly neighbourhood deer

We have our BBQ, I know I mentioned it in the last post but here is a pic.

Results of the Vinegar weed killer. Phenomenal stuff.

I was able to cut a line with the sprayer keeping a small boarder of grass in front of the fence

Here is our yard, as it is currently, we brought out our camping chairs for comfort.

Brad spent a few days putting fresh paint on all the garbage cans around the grounds and he changed the recycle bins from brown to blue- seemed appropriate. The owner refreshed our hanging flower baskets and the wall planters as well to add a bit of colour and pizzazz to the place.

No we have not done anything to the sunroom.... too busy sorting the grounds but we're almost finished - and then the sunroom will become a priority. My Dad is coming out for a couple of weeks, the owner has very kindly offered his 5th Wheel for Dad to stay in while he is here and Dad will be trying out the RV Life. Dad wants to continue his travels while he still can and this might be a good option for him. At the very least he's thinking of British Columbia due to Ontario winters so he wants to spend some time and feel it out.

My wonderful husband advised me about an hour ago that he has me booked in for a massage today!!! Wowsers. He gets one every week because of his injuries but I almost never think to go. Apparently he tried to book it for the day after I returned but wasn't able to get me in until today.... and he never mentioned it!

28 Days until Dad arrives....


  1. It will be nice to spend some quality time with your dad in a place that does not have memories for him. When my mom passed away my Dad came up the the Queen Charlottes to spend the next few weeks after her death with us including Christmas. It helped deal with the loss for him he said. Hopefully your Dad finds the same peace of mind.

    1. Sure hope so. We'll likely have a little shindig, keep you posted.

  2. That will be nice to spend some time with your dad -- both for him and for you! Still thinking about you guys -- it's so difficult when we lose someone so close. Hope you enjoyed your massage!


    1. So excited to show him our new lifestyle....


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