Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Sunroom action

With both of our parents coming on Tuesday.... we are finally getting to sort out the sunroom. It has been nothing more than a storage room since we boarded it weeks (maybe months) ago. We've been focused on the camp grounds and then the May long weekend happened. Now, we can start on the sunroom. 

Everyone meet Crystal, Crystal -- Everyone.

A week or so ago, I saw an add on Facebook for some cedar slabs. So I picked up a 3 inch thick 8 footer for $50 and the guy cut it in half so I could get it all in the Jeep. I have also ordered and yesterday received the main fabric for the sunroom from Amazon.

Yesterday while Brad was at his weekly massage, I decided to get on with it. The slabs are quite dry but still heavy and obviously very awkward so I enlisted the help of our new neighbour -- Crystal. Once the slab I wanted to work on was cut to size, I got it and the legs sanded. We still have about 4 cedar 2x6x10 that were used as shelving in the former storage shed that is now our prized sunroom and I used that for the coffee table legs.

Today Brad will trim out the room and then I can get at staining it and making it all pretty. So, while he's doing the trim I will get the coffee table finished and maybe even start some other tables I have planned. We'll see how far we get today.

While cleaning up sites after the long weekend, Brad found this rock. There is a woman on the island who makes and sells them and people hide them for other people to find... 

I gave a new spray coat of paint to our little bistro set yesterday also but didn't think to take a pic, today I will get a pic and put it in the next post.


  1. Your sunroom is going to be great, especially for entertaining. You go girl!


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