Thursday, 16 May 2019

Two's company

Time is ticking away and we have so much to do, with nothing having been done to the sunroom since we boarded it, it now needs to be finished completely in 12 days - the Mother-in-Law is coming...

Brad's mum called with some date options for her summer visit and they correlated with my Dad's visit which is probably a great idea since we are technically working - with them both here at the same time they will be able to go touring around together when we are busy around the campground.

However, this now means that the sunroom must be completed - and fast.

Robbie watching over his kingdom

Brad picked up the wood for the window trims and ceiling/floor trim.

I found a guy who sells cedar slabs 8ft for $50.... so coffee, end tables and sofa tables are coming soon. I found a dresser online locally for $20 which I will make pretty.

The flower pots are blooming nicely

My little veggie garden is holding its own-
tomatoes, peppers, garlic and the 2 little ones are lemon trees which can take up to 2 months to hatch --- its the hatching I have the most trouble with.

Now to keep the rain off so we can get some wood cut! In a drought out here so can't exactly wish for no rain.... night time rain works....

12 days to Dad/Meg...


  1. "Lucy you have some Work to do!" Wow if you were not busy enough. It will be nice to have family there though for a wonderful visit.

  2. You will busier as the better weather progresses so you might not have much time to visit. Guess they will become good friends.
    Be Safe and Enjoy finishing the Sunroom.

    It's about time.

    1. Oh we'll have plenty of time... famous last words.


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