Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Return to our regular programming

Yes, I know I'm a terrible human... frankly we've just been so exhausted from the work leading up to our parents visit that once they left I just couldn't bring myself to write anything.... the campground still needed to be run and I guess that was all I could manage. 

So picking up where I left off almost a month ago......

Dad relaxing with a good book 

Took Dad to PickleBall - he was just going to watch because of his bad knee but within 5 minutes someone (I was playing on a different court) convinced him to play... he is front left at the net. He loved it, a fun low impact game.

Then we went to a beach in Fulford

Had lunch at Buzzy's

Big steak dinner Brad BBQ'd up for us

Then it was time for Dad to fly home. His flights went off without a hitch which was great and he made it home safe and sound and on time.

Too exhausted to even make a sandwich, Brad and I went to the local golf course for lunch.

We found a new beach with an old Catamaran that looks to need some love
( I want a Leopard 43, if anyone out there wants to get me one...!! )

Awesome beach spot. 
I'd tell you where it is but then it wouldn't be so awesome in short order.

Water goes up and around this corner to another harbour

There is a cabin barely visible in these trees

Another cabin

Incredible wear on these old rocks

You know how long this took to happen...


Okay so we are all caught up. 

The campground is running well and we haven't had any issues as yet but the July long weekend is approaching in a few days.... let's hope our luck holds!!!

I will make a better effort to be a better human and get back to my normal writing routine.


  1. Glad things are going well for you both. How did the visit go with Brad's mom? Is your Dad still considering moving out to the coast? I am sure happy to be back home after two weeks away in spite of all the laundry. lol

    1. Things are good. Both parents had a blast, and kept each other amused whilst we worked. Dad still considering, yes... Looks like you had a great trip.

  2. Well hello there. Figured you wère busy.

  3. Oh don't worry were always hear to read you blog when you get time . I know not all of us are retired . Take care and have a great summer .

    1. Thanks for the comment Vernon! Always great to hear from new people.... most readers don't comment at all but I like to know that people are interested enough.

  4. No veggies on your plate with those huge steaks, eh?

    1. Busted. In fairness there just wasn't room... but we had potatoe salad and lemon garlic mushrooms as I recall, once there was room on the plate. I'm not a big fan of most veggies though, its true.

  5. Nice that your Dad had a good time. Good luck with the long weekend.

  6. Well well's about time! I thought you'd fallen into the ocean or something like that. We were just about to send a search team out there to look for you!

    ;) just kidding of course...we knew you were busy with your parents and their visit but missed you still the same. Glad you are back to the blogging world! :)


    1. Nice to know people notice. Its been pretty busy here and this is the July long weekend of course so we're absolutely full for the next 3 days... wish us luck.

  7. Glad you had a good visit with the family. Sounds like the campground keeps you super busy, but that's good right? Cheers, Judi


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