Sunday, 14 July 2019

July so far

Busy days around here, and I don't have many pictures because its just been too busy to go too far. Here is what I do have:

Some Happy Campers

Often Brad will take campers with low profile vehicles up to the top of Mt. Maxwell in our Jeep and these girls were some of them - I sent him up with the camera on this particular occasion. 

Beautiful and expansive views of the surrounding area can be had from the top of Mt. Maxwell but the road is not one you should take a small car on.

The owner came in to give us relief one day so we went to our new favourite beach and then to Hasting's House for dinner.

Hasting's House is a high-end restaurant/hotel. We were definitely not dressed appropriately but they let us in ( likely because we run this campground) since it was quiet in there just before a wedding. We are eat & run people, we don't hang about after a meal and tie up a table, so it worked out well.

We hadn't intended to make this stop but we were appreciative that they allowed us in looking like we'd been dragged through a bush backwards... or at least not looking up to par. Our waiter was great with a good sense of humour as well.

The campground has been super busy, apparently we're breaking records and that keeps us hopping all day. For the most part, the campers are having a great time and appreciate the small little details that we do to make their stay enjoyable. We've had some great reviews on Google and Tripadvisor which is always nice. We do find that some people don't realize that we are new managers and previous reviews can affect how they interpret their stay, but 99% are absolutely fantastic and we have met some fascinating people so far this year.

Yesterday we received a review that we were the best campground in the Gulf Islands! That sure made our day!!!

This is swim club weekend ( there are also firefighter and baseball events on this weekend) so the campground is absolutely full for the second weekend this month... most every day we are running at about 60% capacity and around 85% on weekends which is great, especially during the week and it keeps us on our toes to say the least. Never a dull moment.