Saturday, 24 August 2019

A few days away

Virginia and Thomas (Relief hosts) were having company come so they traded us a couple of days so they would have time off to visit their family.

This meant we had 4 whole days!

We get a lot of campers from Parksville and they have told me how great it is there so that's where we went. TO THE BEACH!

I tried to book a hotel with a deep dish bathtub but the rate was $550/nt ( deep dish is only in the suites), so a stupid regular bathtub was in my future - Damn it.

Anyway, we got a great hotel, Bayside Resort. It has a regular hotel bathtub (better than no bathtub) but with our military discount it was only $138/nt... much better. And - right on the beach.

Yup, this is the life

Robbie liked the view

Lots of people enjoying the seaside at low tide

Same view at high tide

A flock of seagulls doing yoga on the beach

With Tim's (coffee) in hand we wandered around the beach

Great playground for the kids and even a free workout area for everyone just out of frame.

This woman has been dragged through a bush, me thinks...

Our hotel from the water side

Decided to check out Qualicum Beach but wasn't much there so we kept driving... through Comox Valley all the way to Campbell River before deciding we best turn back. Thinking we were only 50Km from our hotel we were shocked to have Google Maps tell us we were 1 hr 20 min from the hotel.... Whaa..?

We stayed in Parksville for 2 nights on the waterfront and it was great to be back on the ocean again.


  1. Hard to justify $550/night for any room, but disappointing no doubt. Kind of like when you look over hotel room photos on their website and what you end up getting is a tub the size of kitchen sink.

    1. We had a great time regardless so all's well that ends well.

  2. $550 per night -- yikes! Looks like a nice break though, despite having to have a smaller bathtub (I like the bigger bathtubs too)


    1. Probably the only thing I really miss from our house is that deep dish tub!


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