Saturday, 26 October 2019

Bday update

I had a great Birthday, thank you everyone for the messages...

A box of chocolate

am Coffee and pm wine slippers and scarf from my Mother-in-Law, thanks Meg.

New top for dressing up events

Sexy slippers to cover my sexy toes and keep them warm

Its not quite legible in this iPhone pic but this is a 1Kg bar of chocolate...

about 2 inches thick...

Last night we went to see Ad Astra, waited ages for this movie to come and we were there a half hour before the doors opened to ensure we could get tickets. It took awhile but the theatre mostly filled in before the 7pm start. Movie sucked. Thats the short version. We were really looking forward to it but it just wasn't up to snuff in the end. Too bad, but the popcorn never disappoints. :D

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