Friday, 4 October 2019

New Chapter

Things have changed -- shocking, I know.... Us change things up? Right!?!....

We are moving in to a new chapter. This change is completely unexpected but life is like that (ours anyway).

The good news is, we will have more to write about. Its been hard to maintain a blog when all your doing is working and you can't write about work.

Work ends Nov 1st and blog writing can commence once again.

Yes, we are staying on Salt Spring - at least for now.


  1. Glad you guys are still around ... was beginning to wonder. lol Looking forward to hearing about your new plans.

    1. Hey guys, yes I feel like heel for having been so distant from the blogosphere. There literally wasn't time to make dinner much less write a blog... Now the tourists are gone (and so are you two),we have time to spend with friends and family. Brad's Mum just left Tuesday afternoon (thankfully) - before all of this became known Tuesday night... We'll tell you all about it in person come spring, I'm sure.

  2. Not sure what's on the horizon but I hope it is something fun :) Our plans changed too, we are in Sackville, NB for the winter.

    1. We weren't sure we could make it across Canada before the bad weather started and we needed to be here in May 2020, so we stayed. Next year :)


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