Friday, 29 November 2019

Outdoor tree is up

I had so many decorations both made and bought that space was becoming a problem in the rig, so..

I put the outside tree up, a couple of days early.

I had also picked up some white Xmas lights for the driveway, its so dark there of a night that you can't find the car

This will be permanent lighting, not just Xmas but we will need a timer for it.

Well I think its cute.

I also got some presents wrapped inside.

The inside tree will still go up Dec 1 - as per.

My phone was crushed somehow

It is down at the shop being repaired. We can pick it up around noon today, if that's you that called, sorry but I'll have to ring you back tomorrow.

Thursday, 28 November 2019

This weeks events

Not a lot happening around here this week but what did happen - I took pictures of!! Its a new trick that this old dog has had a lot of trouble learning.

Because these outdoor tree decorations I made were painted with washable kids paint from the $1 store, I gave them a coating of Mod Podge hoping to help them last a little longer in the elements. My Dad (Jim) is coming for Xmas and there had been talk of my brother coming, but that has since been cancelled, so I'll have an extra star..

This poor sod was dropped -- twice.
I brought him back to life with a little Nurse Neverwell and gorilla glue.

Yup, HAIL. A few days ago now and it only lasted about 5 minutes, but...

As most are aware, we live in a Motorhome. Motorhomes have large windshields and side windows. Well, the 'desk' is a fold out part of the dash so Brad sat there all last winter (yes, I have the side windows plasticated - but tried the windscreen twice, to no avail).. 

It gets cold sitting there in winter, so I suggested we go to Duncan today and get a Smart TV. I've been talking about switching out this old clunker since we bought this rig. Today, we did it. 

Off to Duncan we went, I had previously spent a few days researching a suitable TV which would do all the things we require it to do and with Black Friday sales on, now is the time. With all that info in hand we promptly went to Duncan - and bought a different one.

I had found a Roku TV (gibberish to me, too) which according to all things internet would allow us to do the things we needed it to do. However, when we were there we were both mesmerized by the picture on another massive TV, Brad asked if there was a smaller version -- there is. Does it match the bolt pattern of our wall hanger? It does. Does it allow us to do what we need? Apparently so. Does it fit in the space allotted? Yes, just.... 

Sold. They are mailing our new 43" Quantum TV to us Dec 6. They didn't have any in stock in Duncan, nor did Victoria or Langley.

We noticed a new Vietnamese restaurant in Duncan as we drove by, being rather addicted and with no other form of asian anything on this island (worth eating) there was no passing that up, so stop for lunch we did.

I had wonton soup

Brad had some kind of chicken something something bowl.
Unfortunately, that's all I have to say about that.

My precious Grandbabies. Big, Bigger and Biggest.

I have been making plans to have something to do, more on that at a later date, likely in the New Year. 

Meanwhile, Xmas is afoot and with Daddy coming, there is some baking to be done. I only have a tiny convection and my gas oven which I've only used once, so this could be interesting.

I need my favourite bestie Deb to save me but she's off gallivanting in AZ, right when I need her the most. Typical. LOL

I'm not going to go in to detail, but Brad and I are both having some much needed dental work done. Consequence of living in 'hell' for 8 years.

Saturday, 23 November 2019

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

A changing relationship

Long time followers may recall that Monday is Massage Day, a much coveted time around here so off he went while I did a bit of tidy up around the rig, laundry and the like.

We went out for supper last night to Moby's Pub with our former campground's owners. Had a great time, its quite interesting to see our relationship and the way we interact with each other morph from business to becoming friends.

It was great to see them more relaxed yesterday, they had invited us over to their house last week or so for dinner and at that time they were dealing with a couple of stressors but last night he was positively giddy. Highly unusual.... but good fun. It was a great time, we had a lot of laughs and spent 2 hours enjoying their company.

As we were about to leave the restaurant we got a text from the new Managers asking us to dinner at Moby's for Thursday so stay tuned for that.

Brad brought home a couple of packs of Xmas cards a couple of days ago and I got right to them, yesterday they were mailed out. We have quite a few that have to get to England and as they have our newest address on them, getting them off early allows others time to send to us as well. After dinner we stopped by the campground to deliver a few there but only the new Managers were home so we'll have to go by and try again today.

Monday, 18 November 2019

Fairyland and Dixie Stardust

View through our front window, don't think I showed this yet.

After Pickleball this morning, I went for lunch with a couple of pickle friends, was originally meant to be a coffee but turned into a lunch. Had a good chat and visit then back home where Brad was chatting on Skype with his brother in England, nice to chat with him and catch up. We then decided to go for a hike on a new trail just up the road from our new place. Sure glad we did, what a great trail.

Trailhead, Robbie is waiting patiently - I think that's patience.

Lots of deadfall, likely from the big storm last winter.

My guys

Brad insisted on taking a pic of me, I hate pics of me.... as you may have noticed... and I just so happened to look like I've been dragged through that bush yonder - and backwards at that.

Several trees tipped up from the roots, likely during the windstorm Dec 21 last year.

Not so subtle reminders of where you are along the trail

Same as above

A forest of ferns

A panoramic that doesn't appear to work so well on Blogger

Again with the reminder note

Tipped tree from the back side

Closer look at said tipped tree and roots and the sheer size of them

Remember my sexy red wellies?

Beautiful tree. Those holes in the bark are really portals to Fairyland and Dixie Stardust

There is a property for sale just down the road and we talked about slipping up the driveway to take a look (most houses on the island are not visible from the road) but chose not to and not a minute later as we were walking along the owner of said house came home - so that was a good decision... could have been VERY awkward. LOL

Once home we pulled the chairs out and relaxed outside for awhile, its been raining off and on for several days now so it was nice to be outdoors for a change. 'Apparently' we are through the worst of it --- so 'they' say.

I decided I'd had enough of unorganized cupboards and set about putting them straight... Brad took several pictures but this is the only one suitable for publication, the rest all have extra extremities - okay fingers so it doesn't get wierd - showing....

One thing, for me at least, living in an RV is a constant game of Tetris and depending on what stuff you have and how much there is of it - rearranging is always required. With Xmas only (as I heard on the radio today) 2 paycheques away - for most people... and my Dad and now possibly Brother coming for Xmas, I thought it best to sort it out now rather than be stressed about it later.... 

I'm hoping my son who has just re-enlisted in the Army and been posted back to his old post on Haida Gwaii might just come down for a day or two but no word on this yet. He is, as we speak, driving out there from Saskatchewan.

Incidentally, even though Haida Gwaii is an island that is just right there not that far north of our island - on the map... you have to go to the mainland, get to Prince George and then cross by ferry to get to it from here! Insane... 27 hours away that trip is, so if he doesn't make it for Xmas - that's why.

I'm very happy to be back to writing my blog, I wasn't sure I'd be able to 'get into it' after being all but absent for so long, but I am enjoying it again. And I have some trip plan ideas that I haven't even mentioned to Brad yet, so hopefully we can get some travelling in now.

Can't remember if I mentioned it in a previous post but my Dad is coming for Xmas, then he and his fiance are going on a cruise through the Panama Canal in January and the wedding is in May in Ontario, then they are planning a trip out here so other than going to the wedding, not sure how far we will actually get this coming year but a girl can try. And Brad will be the first to tell you, I can be very trying... :D :D 

Good thing I'm cute.

Saturday, 16 November 2019

Being creative

Added a shelf in the old shed out back we just enclosed

Raccoons will be at this garbage can, so...

Time to build an enclosure so they can't knock it over every night, hopefully this will make the bungee cord sufficient

Its been raining buckets so here is the pic I managed to get of the garbage bin... I'm sure it will appear in other pictures later, and I doubt anyone actually cares about our bin surround anyway, so...

I think I mentioned the $10 6ft Xmas tree I got just before the move, well it will need decorations and I don't want to spend a fortune on Xmas stuff for an outdoor tree, so I decided to make them. Stopped at the Dollar store when last we were in Duncan and got some cookie cutters and kids paint (washable, so not sure how that will bode in the rain.... oh well)

Air drying for 2 days...


You will just have to see them finished when I put the tree up, done every year on Dec 1st. I forgot to get a finished pic - I know, I'm a terrible human but you'll get over it eventually - or you'll see them when I take of pic of the finished tree... 

I dropped and broke a snowman but everything else worked out great and they are hanging to allow them to dry completely deep inside, some were relatively thick as I don't have a rolling pin, how I don't know but I dug and dug and couldn't find one anywhere.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Nov 11 & 12

Monday we attended the Remembrance Day ceremony downtown Salt Spring

Can't tell from the couple of pics I took but it was quite a good turn out

Tuesday we went to Duncan for some craft supplies. I can't remember if I mentioned it but I picked up a 6ft Xmas tree for $10 (hope its all there), we have a small tree for inside the rig but I wanted something for outdoors and it needs to be decorated or it will look silly... so off to Duncan to get some craftsy stuff. More to come on that another time, I suppose.

This was here last year also, not sure what its about but seems like the locals take their used pumpkins to this spot along the highway and set them out. Weird and I've no explanation for it but there it is, quirky.

Perhaps Ray & Deb have some intel on this, Deb?

Sporadic along a long stretch of road