Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Nov 11 & 12

Monday we attended the Remembrance Day ceremony downtown Salt Spring

Can't tell from the couple of pics I took but it was quite a good turn out

Tuesday we went to Duncan for some craft supplies. I can't remember if I mentioned it but I picked up a 6ft Xmas tree for $10 (hope its all there), we have a small tree for inside the rig but I wanted something for outdoors and it needs to be decorated or it will look silly... so off to Duncan to get some craftsy stuff. More to come on that another time, I suppose.

This was here last year also, not sure what its about but seems like the locals take their used pumpkins to this spot along the highway and set them out. Weird and I've no explanation for it but there it is, quirky.

Perhaps Ray & Deb have some intel on this, Deb?

Sporadic along a long stretch of road


  1. Pumpkins make the way for Ichabod Crane.

    1. Well you are sooo right Bill! I don't get out enough obviously. I had no idea...

  2. People spend so much time carving their pumpkins that they are often set out along popular roads for other people to enjoy. They provide compost and if they are not in "forested places", usually the town cleans them up. They are also good for wildlife. In some places they even relight their candles for a week after Halloween. Looks pretty cool at night. Other than that I have no idea. lol

    1. Bill already figured it out... "Pumpkins make the way for Ichabod Crane". Its a Sleepy Hollow thing.


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