Friday, 29 November 2019

Outdoor tree is up

I had so many decorations both made and bought that space was becoming a problem in the rig, so..

I put the outside tree up, a couple of days early.

I had also picked up some white Xmas lights for the driveway, its so dark there of a night that you can't find the car

This will be permanent lighting, not just Xmas but we will need a timer for it.

Well I think its cute.

I also got some presents wrapped inside.

The inside tree will still go up Dec 1 - as per.

My phone was crushed somehow

It is down at the shop being repaired. We can pick it up around noon today, if that's you that called, sorry but I'll have to ring you back tomorrow.

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  1. Your tree looks great! Don't blame you for getting some lights out there.There has been major wind and rain down here in Tombstone. We are ok though. Unbelievable that they had snow in southern CA. I think it will be a much colder winter down here that the experts first though. It has been quite the Thanksgiving travel for many people.I see it's quite frosty up there at the moment. Sun is good.


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