Saturday, 2 November 2019

We have Arrived! and need advice again

We moved yesterday to our new spot on Salt Spring Island. It is very similar to the campground, we are still in the forest but now there is no one driving down the driveway, no campers to appease, no gate to lock, no showers to open.... hope I can get used to this.

Ace in position

We have something happening here.... anyone?! I've seen this before on other rigs so I know its a thing but what causes it and more important - what do we have to do to fix it?

This is our quick set up on moving day, not sure how we will end up arranging it, but for now this is what we've got. There will be a shed upgraded to accommodate the storage stuff there on the left.

There was a pressure issue with the water supply yesterday when we were hooking up but the owner is out this morning first thing getting that sorted - meanwhile we are working from our onboard tank. Don't expect it will take him long to sort this out, so its not a problem.

So far the new site is working out well. 


  1. What temperature do you average there in winter?

    1. Overnight generally hovers around 0C (32F) and can get as low as -7C (19F) in extreme cases but I believe that everyday it does get above 0 at some point.

  2. It looks like staining from moisture caused by the interior wall framing which transfers heat to the outside wall. This warm surface when contacted by the cold damp air sweats and it could just be dirt that has adhered to the surface or even mold. I’d try scrubbing it with something mild then progress from there if that doesn’t work. Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks Doug, we'll try that tomorrow. I've also seen info about the black streak which we also noticed - especially on the windows. Every bit of info helps, much appreciated.


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