Sunday, 1 December 2019

25 Days to Xmas and Chili

Well everyone, welcome to December 2019.

The 'normal' err 'little' err 'rv' Xmas tree has been put up. Hence, Xmas can commence....

I know its small but I still think its cute, especially with our stockings there.

The extra stocking is for my Daddy

I picked up this little baby tree (a real one) to put in Dad's cabin so he can have a Xmas tree too. In the New Year we shall plant it, somewhere.

Salt Spring has an annual chili tasting competition. We didn't go last year, I don't remember why but we weren't about to miss it this year so off we went downtown for 4pm.

An old and decorated fire truck

These two haven't had their picture taken for years.
I assume no introduction is required.

There is a Choir 'Viva Chorale' singing all the Xmas classics

...and a slow moving line.

So everyone who puts their chili in the competition is rotated randomly around the circle so that no one can play favourites. No one knows who's chili is who's. There are official judges, Buzzy is one, and they go through the sampling line first and do the technical judgy stuff. Then the common folk get in this very long line (with periodic heat lamps for warmth). No one in the line knows what the hell is taking so long.... until they get up there. 

This sampling thing is no easy task: there are discreet differences and speciality flavours (TJ's coffee shop made a coffee and chocolate chili as an example) so deciding on your one singular favourite is not something you can do lightly.

The line from the finished end of it

The rest of Centennial Park all lit up in lights too.

It was a great little community event and while I actually only did like 1 (the first one actually) of the 15 or so chili samplings -there was such a variety and a real sense of community in the humour of the people in the lineup. Everyone was jovial (how fitting) and enjoying themselves (thanks to the heaters), and there were all ages enjoying a night out.

So glad we took the time to go.

Every day now for probably 5, maybe 6 days I've been planning to do some Xmas baking. Still haven't even begun. Gheesh, hopefully tomorrow will be the day. Shortbread sure would be nice, eh?.

OH, and my convection oven croaked. I set the timer so I wouldn't forget the laundry and then later I could smell hot rubber... the microwave, or convection was on. I've no idea which but I pushed stop and then it went completely dark.... We checked the fuse, the plug, etc. and nothing. Then we checked the warranty we spent a fortune on and voila - its covered. Whew, these things aren't cheap! More on this, I assume, later.

Obviously this leaves me with only the propane oven... Yikes. Yes Deb, I got the thermometer.

Merry HoHo everyone!


  1. Too bad about your convection oven. You will do fine with your propane oven ... just rotate your cookie sheet half way through the cooking so the light browning is even on your shortbread. :)

    1. Okay, will do... but next year YOU'LL have to do my Xmas baking before you go LOLOLOLOL This is too much pressure. Hahaha


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