Monday, 9 December 2019

Mystical forest and a gift

Yesterday we went for a walk at Duck Creek Trail and I haven't posted pictures of that area for quite a while, so here is a new dose - fresh off the press. Incredible beauty. I especially love the carpet of moss on all the branches.

Our new landlord has asked us to keep an eye on their flock (ducks and chickens they keep as pets), while they are away in January, and we obviously agreed since its really no bother.

About a week ago, I had gone and sat with our new landlady for a couple of hours while she was selling her crafts at a local craft fair. Chatting as you do when getting to know someone new, I mentioned that I was watching craft fairs for a small foldable cribbage board made by a local artisan out of driftwood, but was having trouble finding one appropriately sized for our small space.... 

Yesterday she came by with a gift... for xmas and for watching the birds in Jan. What an amazingly thoughtful gift and these boards are not what one would call inexpensive. Thank you kind lady.

Last evening, I handed Brad his arse. Karen would be so proud...

Absolutely love this new crib board


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