Saturday, 14 December 2019

Shopping, Dinner and Quantum TV

Thursday night was 'Shop Local Social' held annually where many many local businesses offer incentives to shop with them for your Xmas joy. They offer such things as 25% off and other great bargains. The window displays alone are worth the trip downtown.

Brad & I went but its so hard to do your xmas shopping with your other half in close proximity and you don't know where he/she is. Even though we split up to do our shopping we only ended up getting a couple of things for my Dad, and that was it. 

Salt Spring Island has a lot of Mom & Pop shops owned by locals (no walmarts here) and most shops have plenty of items made by local artisans, from Cheese to Furniture.

I came across this and it reminded me of The Bayfield Bunch so I posted it on Instagram and tagged Kelly. She liked it. I'm sure many of my readers will like it too as most read Kelly & Al's blog as well.

Shop Local Social details

Friday night we went out for supper with Steve & Jan (from the campground). They invited us to the Legion for the Ladies Auxilliary turkey dinner for $15/person. Man oh man was it good! There was a young man (about 16) with his Grandmother and while we were waiting for the food to be served he told us it was always very good food - and it was. Well worth the price, we'd heard about it previously but had never been. Well we know it now...

Our old TV (approx 26")

Our new quantum tv arrived today. It puts 3D to shame. I don't pretend to understand these things and I certainly don't usually notice the difference from one tv to the other (or music speakers) but this thing, wowsers... the guy tells us that 'normal' tv's have 1000 pixels per something and this thing has 4000 pixels per something... What a difference a pixel makes. 

It also has all the capabilities we need: It will remotely connect to our computer if we choose and it has Microsoft Office which means we can write letters, etc. on the TV with our bluetooth keyboard and mouse! It has its own Internet and we can watch the 3 shows we like to watch online on it by going to the webpages of History and Global., it has Amazon Prime (which as RVers, we have accounts with), Google Play, and -- just everything we need and plenty more.

Samsung 43" 4K UHD HDR QLED Tizen Smart TV

Not sure what I've written about this purchase in previous blogs but I spent a couple of weeks researching a TV which would do the certain things we wanted it to do and then we decided that indeed we would go and buy a new TV so off we went. While waiting for the guy to find my chosen fully researched TV, Brad saw this in the 75 or 82 inch massive TV version that was phenomenal. I mean it really captivated - even me... He asked if it came in a smaller size, because obviously.... and it did. I had the poor guy googling it on his phone to find the exact dimensions and fortunately I had the taken the exact dimension of the available space because I've shopped with Brad before. Yes, the smallest version, the 43", would fit perfectly (and just) in our allotted spot above the TV.

There it hangs now. Its like looking out a window, so many layers in the picture. As I'm not the video techie type this is the only way I have of describing it: many many layers, and vibrant colours.


  1. Nice you have a great TV that will do the many things you need it to. Enjoy.

  2. The biggest thing is to get brad away from the windows for his legal work- but i like it too :D

  3. In today's world you need to keep up with changing technology just to watch TV. Glad you are happy with your purchase.
    I'm surprise that you can buy a 65 Inch TV cheaper then we paid for our 42 Inch just a few years ago.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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