Thursday, 23 January 2020

1st official house sit

We have just been offered and accepted a house sit on Vancouver Island.

We had had a different house sit lined up previously but in the end it was cancelled. Today we went to town to have a cup of coffee and while I waited for Brad to get our order I checked the TrustedHouseSitters app. There was a new sit listed, once Brad returned with the coffees I read it to him and we decided to apply.

We were not even finished our coffees when we got a message that they would like us to agree to the sit, which we did. The sit is from Jan 25 (this Saturday) to Feb 8 (2 weeks). After messaging back and forth we then spoke on the telephone and they have asked us to come over on Friday as they leave Saturday..

They are very close to the beach where we can walk the dogs (they have 1 Westie Terrier) every day.

Excitement is just around the corner and given that it basically hasn't stopped raining since a week before Christmas, we are excited to get out from under the tic tic tic... and explore a new area of British Columbia for a couple of weeks while accommodating someone else's holiday. Win Win.


  1. Sounds like a Dream Vacation. Hope everything goes well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I sure you will enjoy having more space to move around while the rain continues. Have fun you two.

    1. Thanks guys, safe travels on the slow road home.


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