Saturday, 11 January 2020

New truck?, HouseSitting and Dentist

It doesn't seem like anything has happened so I wasn't writing but now sitting here it seems a few things have happened...

We have a tentative deal on an F350 Crew cab. It is plated in Alberta so has to be put through a safety for BC, assuming all is well -we will buy it. The next few sections all hinge on this truck.

As previously mentioned (I think) my Dad is getting married in May (*** Longime Readers: yes she did and yes he's ready, as it was a 6 year process.) in southern Ontario.

A friend of ours needs his trailer pulled out to eastern Ontario this spring.

We need to haul our belongings west from 'hell'.

So, the friend is paying us for the delivery of his trailer and we are using that to help offset the cost of the truck. Win Win.

We will drive the truck pulling the trailer to southern ontario for Dad's wedding, perhaps staying in said trailer (yet to be decided) and then drop trailer in eastern Ontario, visit with now 2 sets of friends in this area before heading further east to hell (and you thought hell was down - ha!), grabbing our belongings and coming back home to BC. Of course, each way we will undoubtedly stop in Saskatchewan to see the family...

We have also been looking into the whole 'get a new 5th wheel' thing again since we will now have an F350 to pull the bloody thing with... still very much up in the air since we've heard from plenty of RVers that dealerships will not give us what it is worth - I personally think if we can swing it it would be better to sell our current RV privately and then buy another. Trick is to find accommodation and space for our belongings in the between time. Not easy to do on this island.....

Anyway, that has really been our excitement so far this year other than the regularly scheduled Pickleball 4 times a week and dentists appointments.

I will say that we started a new 'diet'... there is an online program and its actually been really great. The meals are fantastic, and we've been finding ourselves looking forward to each nights dinner to see what unique dish it will be.

The program lets you set the boundaries, including all the foods you can't/won't eat, calorie intake, vegetarian vs pescatarian, etc... a wide range of options there.... it gives you the weeks plan which you can edit via drag and drop, provides you with the weeks grocery list and you just click the item on the plan and it gives you the recipe. You can also include items that you already have in your pantry and it will try to use them up.

A complete all in one meal planner. I don't like to call it a diet, we're not (well not specifically) trying to lose weight but just looking for a more balanced meal plan and this provides it. Unexpectedly, the recipes are really delicious.

I wish to request of the weather guessers to MAKE IT STOP RAINING! Thank you.

We are expecting evening wind chill temperatures in the -18C (-0.4F) range, this is not ideal when you live in a summerized RV, this is to last apparently for at least 5 nights. Daytime temps hovering in low single digits and even overnights are under -10C, must be expecting winds... I'm too fed up about the weather to even bother looking and I can't do anything about it anyway except huff in the other direction.

The rain has been falling quite consistently since at least Dec 15. The ground is saturated and if the winds do pick up then living under a bunch of 30 ft trees also will not be ideal. We will be monitoring this situation closely and should it appear necessary we will go to a hotel for a couple of days. Not the end of the world but you can see it from here. LOL

Our landlords left today for their Bermuda holiday and I am looking after the multitude (seriously about 20 of them) of Ducks, Chickens, Geese, 2 Cats and a Dragon somethingorother lizard. I am also looking after the home of one of our picklers but she returns before our landlords do so I can't winge about that.

This of course means that we will not be starting our HouseSitting travels until they return on Jan 20th. After that though..... Mama wants to go places. I have our profile all set up and some wonderful friends have given us great references, I have my eye on a couple of sits on Vancouver Island in February but need Brad's input into choosing one and he is in a world of hurt lately with a tooth that is giving him trouble, so I wait.... patiently... mostly...

Okay, anyone got a skate and a Wilson volleyball?
(We just watched Castaway again last week - love Tom Hanks).


  1. Looks like you guys have a full spring! Looking forward to seeing you both :)


  2. Your Rain seems to be heading our way.
    Wishing you the best on your Truck purchase. With the Crew Cab feature it's easy to travel with others or have the needed supplies nearby when on along haul.
    Hoping Brad gets to the dentist soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks, Brad has been to the dentist and is on prescription but it has taken its time kicking in... he was up all night and has just laid down to see if he can sleep... hopefully.

  3. Good luck with your upcoming decisions. Sorry about the rain ... it snowed yesterday in Lake Cowichan and the house was without power for about 6 hours.

    1. Hey guys, I see your having a good time. Look forward to a lunch get together in a couple of months.

  4. Robbie will come with us for sits in N.A but overseas he will stay in Canada. We could take him but its a process and as he is also retired now we don't think its necessary to go through all that. Although we may change our minds...


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