Thursday, 30 January 2020

Simple update

Ann & Dad sent another pic. Looks like a communal area of the ship? Again, never having been invited I wouldn't know, but it looks like that. :D

I promised house pics so this is the livingroom. To be clear, they keep blankets on the furniture for Teddy & other family dogs - I didn't do this to someone else's furniture for Robbie.



Brad had had a rough night so cuddled up with Teddy on the couch

Out for a stroll with his Daddy

Teddy is with me

I haven't slept well since we arrived here. The first morning the owners were leaving so while I slept well that night I was up early to see them off. Sun/Mon am Teddy woke me up at 5am eating Robbie's food and generally making whining noises. On Monday I read on the local community FB page that two strange men were on someone's property and our dogs were set off at 6am that morning also so Monday night - no sleep for me with a fair sized doggie door on the house. Tuesday Brad secured the doggie door but then he had a rough night which kept me awake. Wed (last night) the power went off at 1am and as most of you know, Brad uses a CPAP... off to the couch with him once we found the flashlight and ensured the problem wasn't localized to our breaker box. Power returned at 245am with brightness and beeps. However, I feel like I slept even given last nights events so probably won't be near so miserable today. So take that Steve!!! (private joke)

We went to Comox yesterday as we needed a couple odds & ends so I got my outfit on, grabbed my paddle and away we went for a game of pickleball. Except the info I had found was for an outdoor court and of course no one was there. I will perhaps try again today, the sleep I had should help.

We will be going to Denman and Quadra Islands at some point soon, dependent upon weather.


  1. Hopefully that stranger stays away ... and you get more sleep. Looks like more rainstorms for the island. Between today and tomorrow night Lake Cowichan should get 5 inches of rain!

    1. Yes, last night they said this area (courteney) was getting 2-3". This am they say 1/4 - 3/4" so... not nearly so bad, but as 'they' never know.... its anyone's guess.


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