Wednesday, 15 January 2020

We moved here for the weather

I picked up more Xmas lights to extend the run the length of the fence.

Yesterday we had a sprinkling of snow

Larry the Lizard (bearded dragon?)

33 Geese, Chickens and Ducks.

This morning we awoke to 4.5 inches of snow

We are supposed to be getting a blizzard today and by 6pm 'they' say we'll be in + C temperatures... high winds expected. Will be checking the trees above us once daylight arrives. By Saturday the overnight temps will be above 0C and we'll be through it...

Today: Dentist for us both. Brad for extraction and I for a finish to my pre-christmas cleaning.


  1. Hope you make out ok with the snow. Ray really found it difficult to walk in last year, hurting his back while walking with the dog so this is much nicer being in AZ.

    1. We went to Harbour House Hotel for the night since the winds were predicted to be 100km/h (60mph) but turned out to be nothing much. Anyway, better safe than sorry and we are under some pretty big trees now.


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