Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Adding some recipes to the blog

As mentioned previously I have been doing a lot of cooking lately in an attempt to accommodate Brad's less-carb (not carb-less) diet that he started about this time last year. We've been eating very few carbs and I have been using a program online to organize a meal plan and provide a weekly grocery list.

I have decided to post a few exceptionally good recipes which we find delicious and surprisingly simple even in a small RV kitchen. I will add the label 'Recipe' to each one so that they can be found easily in the sidebar of the blog.

This time of year, using the BBQ is a bit difficult but in very short order I will try to adapt them to accommodate BBQ cookers because many of my readers are RVers and RVers love to BBQ... this information will be added as a footnote to each recipe.

Now, it is important to note that I have already adapted these recipes because generally they are for whole meats - ie chicken breast, steaks,etc. For ease in a small kitchen - not to mention to ensure it is cooked through - I generally cut such proteins into cubes as it shortens the cook time (ie propane use). I have had no trouble getting any of the ingredients even on our small little island so everything should be easy to access for everyone.

The biggest problem for an RVer will be the spices, there are a few but typically not too many. With the bulk of the recipes we have settled upon for our dietary needs I would guestimate likely 6-8 spice jars. Fortunately, before we left our house to go on this adventure I added a curtain rod behind the cooker which holds approximately 15 spice jars. There are so very many options for RV spice racks online that I suggest you simply google it if you need to organize something for your particular space.

Once complete, I will put together a weekly meal plan with grocery list. Which, naturally, anyone can switch around each week so that Monday night isn't always meatloaf night for example. :D but the weekly shop list will be the same and this will include lunches...

Keep in mind that our own dietary requirements will be part of this: Brad does not eat cheese (except cooked Mozza) and I cannot eat hard greens (like broccoli stems). I also cannot eat lettuce except romaine so anything calling for iceberg lettuce I just simply use Romaine instead and I would encourage you to edit them yourselves to accommodate your own dietary needs in the same manner -as needed.

I thought about adding a recipe page to the blog but have decided not to as this is not a cooking blog, this is a travel blog and I intend to keep it that way... so the recipes will simply be added as regular posts.

I will post them intermittently between our regularly scheduled (not so much) programming.


  1. I definitely agree with posting the recipes as part of your post but then add them to a Recipe Page at the top of your post for visitors who might have missed it the first time around. We've got to update our's.
    In our Avalanche I made a Magnetic Spice Rack that held 21 Spices. People were amazed at the meals we made because of the spices.
    Most RVers Barbeque in order to keep the heat out of the kitchen.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the new hobby.

    It's about time.

    1. The long list of labels is about to be shortened, Blogger allows me to show only specific labels which I will be editing right now. The first #recipe label had to publish before I could edit the lot though. Enjoy.

  2. Great, always interested in new recipes especially RV friendly ones.

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