Sunday, 2 February 2020

Day on Denman Island

Yesterday we went to the Village of Cumberland for a Pickleball game. Nice crowd, not the same as my familiar SSI crowd but they were friendly enough to a stranger. Had 3 games and headed out.

Someone in town had built his entire fence out of skis. Picture worthy for sure.

This is what I have in mind for us, although this is on a lot and Brad wants a couple of acres. I like the small house - simple but not too much.

After walking the dogs for an hour today we went to Denman Island. We are close enough to the Denman ferry from this house sit that we decided to check it out.

Denman Ferry

No side walls to speak of so nice view all the way across (10 min) and this ferry runs on cables somehow...

Our first stop was for lunch. Google suggested a spot so we headed there right off the ferry. What an amazing find this place was. On a bit of land that has been in his family essentially for almost 200 years, he has a little chuck wagon set up beside the house where he cooks a variety of items and offers an incredible atmosphere you really need to experience. The food is delicious, definitely something to write home about- Brad's onion rings were the best I've ever had - I stole one off his plate... amazing. If you are ever on Denman Island - go here to eat. In bad weather, eat in the car - but go regardless.

Nearly 200 year old barn with a chandelier

Fantastic timberframe barn

Outdoor restaurant only

another barn

The original Chuck wagon his father built many years ago

Chuck Wagon now has an add on for the BBQ

You can't get lost here

Incredible views of the ocean and the mountains of Vancouver Island

The ambiance was incredible, old classics playing discreetly in the background and today's much needed sunshine after record breaking rains made for a very memorable experience.

Cheeseburger and fries, delicious.

Burger and onion rings, try the onion rings - fantastic.

Shack n Wagon on Denman Island folks
Be sure to try this, it gets my vote!!

Drove all around the island checking things out. Not a lot on the go here but some really beautiful properties and reasonably sized housing (important to me anyway). Comparatively reasonable real estate pricing also. 

Ferry leaves Buckley bay every hour on the hour and leaves Denman island every hour on the 40 min, only 20 minutes to a walmart from Buckley Bay.

The rains have turned creeks into raging rivers here also

Local real estate office

View of Vancouver Island mountains from the ferry heading back

All around it was an amazing day, we saw some fantastic sights, experienced the incredible Shack n Wagon and finally got out of the house for more than an hours walk with the dogs.


  1. They say that the out of way looking places are most times the best to eat at. Glad you enjoyed your meal.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Glad you had a great day on Denman. We toured there five years ago and loved it. You should check out Quadra Island too. We camped at the Heriot Bay Hotel.

    1. Quadra is next on our list just waiting for a weather window.


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