Friday, 14 February 2020

Fix ups

We have the truck registered. I think I forgot to mention that...

Because of the long trip we have planned, Brad researched to see what known issues there are that we can sort out before we go and he found one to do with the coolant system (too complicated to explain here) so we are busy changing out oil/fuel/air filters and adding the required kit to ensure we do not suffer any problems from this known issue with these trucks. A delay has occurred which means we have to wait until this afternoon to continue. PS there is a business decal on the canopy which I have to remove before I can take a proper pic of the truck - in case you were wondering why there hasn't been one. I will try to get to that today.

Meanwhile, I have put in a dog barrier so Robbie cannot jump around and will stay in the back crew cab section with his dog hair.... aargh. I was going to sew a dog hammock for the back seat to make keeping said dog hair controlled but my sewing machine would not cooperate...

The feed dogs will not raise above the plate, I had the whole bloody thing apart but to no avail, it will need to go to a shop or be replaced depending on repair costs. As we all know they make things to be replaced these days, not fixed.

Unable to reach the required repair, I had to seperate the entire housing.

When I had the sewing machine put back together (yes it all went back together), I immediately went online and ordered the dog hammock I was modelling mine after - since I had a lot of fabric to use. Sometime next week it should arrive.

Then, I was scrolling our local FB page and someone posted a water bottle stand-- now usually when I see these they are hours old and I never get a look in - but this one was 3 minutes old and I tagged it 'Mine' then sent the woman a DM for her address.... We have a small amount of counter as with most RVs and I've been itching to buy/build a stand to get the Berkey off the counter for ages. At the campground we were on 'city water' so the Berkey was put away but here its well water so the Berkey is used once again.

New stand will need a sanding and probably paint/stain but for now - Golden.

I could build a house on this much land.... LOL

Most of our counter has been used up with the Berkey, Brad's Keurig and my kettle, leaving only about 12" at the front of the counter for 'cooking and other such purposes'. Recently Brad has switched to just one cup of coffee in the morning and so the Keurig has been kept under the sink which in itself made a big difference, now with the Berkey off the counter..... Its like a whole new world has opened up to me for all the counter space I have.

Dad and Ann have arrived back in Windsor, he telephoned this morning. They have to stay in Dad's apartment because they are having some renovations done to Ann's apartment before the wedding and it is not completed as yet.

We have posted an ad locally for a piece of land, we'd like an acre or so to build an eco home on. I'd like to build something with a Rocket Mass Heater foundation and a 'normal' home on, although we've talked about cordwood and/or stone and in the 1000 sq ft range. The RMH foundation will allow us to light a small fire each morning and heat the entire house all day long - this would work even in Saskatchewan, so Southern BC is perfection. We've talked about doing an off-grid home which runs on solar and we could wrap tubing around the heater to provide sufficient hot water to the home as well. With a small garden, we'd be all set. At least that would be my personal ideal, how likely it is is another story I'm sure with all the bureaucracy these days. Me personally - I'd live in the Yukon to get the home I want but the reality is we need to be close to medical in our advancing years and especially massage for Brad.

There are some great lots available on Denman Island that we looked at but Salt Spring is a whole different story, this little island though famous for hippie eco stuff has, in recent years, become more of a retirement community for Vancouverites who want big mansions and no hippies. This is the current struggle on this island.

There has been no further development on our old home issues and we will be filing a suit in the coming months and no I cannot discuss it any more than that - at this time.

Unfortunately, with the old home hanging over our heads we are limited in our options for completing the goals as set out above. I've found some land options in the backwoods of mainland BC but after 40+ years in Saskatchewan, we'd prefer to stay in the more temperate climate of the Southern Gulf Islands.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!


  1. Good luck on your land hunt and getting rid of that "albatross around your necks"! My fingers and toes are crossed for you.

    1. Thanks it will happen eventually.

    2. We actually thought we'd found a possible land site today with owner finance but turns out its been on the market for 10 years and has sold a few times over. The obvious assumption from that is that the seller is running a scam of some sort, so we're out for that reason alone. Too bad, could have been good.

  2. Being "Off the Grid" would be a dream but like you said there is so much Red Tape it's nearly impossible. Watch out for those scams.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We'll make it happen somehow someway just need time - and God's will, I suppose.


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