Monday, 3 February 2020

It was a beach day

When Robbie was little and we lived in Alberta, we referred to the bath as the beach.... it has never changed.... the actual beach is referred to as the ocean so as not to confuse the poor guy. Robbie absolutely hates going to the beach but loves the ocean. After all the rain we've had both of these dogs stunk to high hell so yesterday was a beach day... 

Teddy was very scared at first not sure he's ever experience a self-doggie wash but he stopped shaking after about 5 min

Robbie isn't afraid of the beach, just hates it - he shakes for no one... LOL

Now both boys are sparkling clean and smell quite literally like roses, their coats are so soft I must say I am impressed with the shampoo they use at Bosley's. This product line has a shampoo specific for white dogs to brighten them I suppose, I used this on Teddy. Pretty impressive stuff.

Anyway, the rains are ebbing but not gone and we are awaiting a weather window for our next adventure. 

Today is massage day so Brad is heading back to Salt Spring for that and to check on our rig as the power went out in a storm 2 nights ago and some trees and a lot of branches came down around the island. Robbie will be going with him for the ride.

Teddy and I will stay here to await the fridge repair guy that we thought was coming last Tuesday.


  1. Hope everything is ok with your coach. We did not get water in our basement but our neighbour did. Hopefully that is the end of high water this year but I won't hold my breath.

    1. I sure hope so. Have you seen the pic on FB of the corner by crofton reservation area that flooded? about 4 ft of water on that corner, apparently it has gone now.


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