Saturday, 22 February 2020

Sand dollars and truck update

A friend, Rhonda, invited me to go sand dollar picking, she uses them in her crafts which she then sells on the island in the summer

I found our first one that day

As anyone who knows me knows, I was first in and first out.... I get cold so damn quick... we had to wait over an hour for the tide to go out enough or I'd have had a better time of it but it was so cold and the water wasn't any better obviously... I'll go again when things warm  up. It was +10C (50F) yesterday so we're getting there.

The engine coolant doohickey has been installed and we cleaned the compartment too

No point cleaning the engine and leaving the hood dirty, so.... 

We are still waiting for 1 part to be delivered and then the last bit can go on and she's done.


  1. Yes the ocean is very cold this time of year. Stay warm girlfriend.


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