Thursday, 27 February 2020

Walkies and Garden start and Covid 19

I've been sleeping in lately -- like until almost 9 some days... I hate that,  it makes me lazy so I decided to change it. Time to walk to town. As most know, Brad has his morning coffee at home and then later in the morning goes to town for his 2nd cup. This gave me a great opportunity to walk to town and get a ride back up... turns out its 3 miles - one way. I called Brad just as I was about to enter the downtown area to make his way in and then my phone died. So my AllTrails track of my walk stopped at the spot just shy of downtown - where I called him from. I still logged 3 miles in 58 min though, with stops totaling 3 min. So its an hours brisk walk to town. I fully anticipate having to pay for that Wednesday walk on Friday...

A house along the main road on Salt Spring has a wooden Stonehenge so I stopped to get a decent photo of it.

Decending the hill to downtown about 5 min before my phone died.

I began my planting preparations, according to a whatsit I saw on Pinterest, this is the best way to grow without seeds so I thought I'd give it a try. All of these are organic (which is our preference) and so will regrow as opposed to the cheap stuff which cannot be grown from the seeds in them -- if they even have seeds in them. On that note, I purchased a bag of organic lemons and a bag of limes - the lemons have seeds in them but the limes do not leading me to believe they are in fact, not organic.

Soak carrots in 1/4" water to sprout then plant

Romaine, soak in water - 2 days growth there already - then plant.
Ginger, soak 1 day then plant
Garlic, soak 3 days then plant

Here I have Dill, Thyme, Basil, Parsley and 2 rows of Sweet Peas

Lemons, soak in wet paper towel until sprout, then plant

I'll keep you posted on how they progress.

Apparently, 'they' are now saying that Coronavirus (Co-vid 19) is uncontainable now and will have to run its course through the population... so today I think we'll be making a plan for this eventuality. Sure hope it doesn't mess up our travel plans but time will tell.

I can't help but note that for several months -mostly in the US, the kids (grown kids and the most likely to survive an issue) were dying from a breathing related illness caused (apparently) by vaping. We had no such troubles -- I stopped vaping mid December and remain free of smoking and vaping but Brad struggled with the no vaping and has returned to it at 2mg/L -- extremely low dose. 

Anyway, a few months ago the vaping problem faded out and now this Coronavirus breathing related illness thing has developed in China where they are -coincidentally I'm sure- slowly taking over from the US economically.  It just makes me wonder.... is all. Surely I'm not the only one to make that connection.


  1. Never thought to have a garden at the Park and less now that we are in the Apartment.
    The Medical Researchers are saying Vaping is harder on the lungs then actual Cigarettes. When Kathy quit when she got the urge she sucked on a candy where I used cough drops. Those were an easier habit to quit. Don't stop being a Quitter.
    Be Safe and Enjoy a healthier Lifestyle.

    It's about time.

    1. It's so freeing not having to worry about: do you have a lighter, how many cigarettes are left in the pack, do I have my vapourizer, should I bring vape juice... If I'm going somewhere now I just throw my coat on and grab the keys, so uncomplicated. I love it, Brad will get there eventually but for now with so much other stuff going on that I've not been harping on about in the blog, he still needs to vape for his sanity... plus he has quit starches, sugars and cut his coffee from ~6 cups a day to 2. All in all I'd say he's doing pretty good given his PTSD and daily mobility struggles on top of other things, its quite impressive I must say.

  2. Your insights in to growing organic vegetables have inspired me to do that for myself too. Especially in a scenario where CoVid has spread its deadly tentacles whole over the world, being safe is the ultimate precaution. Follow the cleanliness rules and being alert whenever you are in a travel is the best option. Let not the disease be a spoilsport.

    1. So happy to hear I've inspired someone! For any reason...!! You go girl! Keep us posted on your progress. Mine are cracking through the soil - guess I should write an update about that too. So much on the go, so little time -- after having absolutely nothing to write about all winter, now suddenly.....


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