Sunday, 16 February 2020

White Night, truck and trip

Here she is people, in all her glory... 

Head mechanic Robbie checks over the handy work

Decals removed - finally, but not by me.

I had pickle at 10am - Noon, then home for a short spell to putter with the truck then Brad took the truck for a spin and I prepped for my massage at 330pm. We passed each other as I was heading to the massage place and the decals stood out to me so I knew I had to get on that today, but when I got home Brad had removed the decals already. This is why I keep him around... he is my knight in shining armour... once we wash & polish the truck that will be literal - haha.

Fresh coolant done today, this is the quietest diesel truck I've ever known, at least it is since we changed all those filters the other day... it went from chug chug chug to toc toc toc. What a difference that day made!

What is left to be done on the truck before the trip?: The bypass kit, blue spring upgrade, air filter, new sleeves on the CAC tube and new module for the glow plugs. None of this 'needs' doing, we're just trying to avoid any mechanical problems while on our 17,200km journey this spring. 

Knowing our luck the tranny will fall out! Oops, I take that back.... not begging for trouble.

I will be using the label 'National tour' for posts about this trip. For the record, we are leaving from Salt Spring Island in BC late April, with stops in Saskatoon, Windsor and Ottawa before heading to hell and back again likely repeating those same stops.


  1. With all the service you've done to the truck and the light weight of the trailer it should just Purr through the mountains.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks guys, hope to meet for a coffee in Windsor in May.

  2. Nice to get those things taken care of in advance of your trip and definitely a "piece of mind" for long distance travel and that will be a Loooong trip!

    1. Yes, well... as you may have guessed we don't do anything by half measures.. in for a penny in for a pound.


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