Saturday, 29 February 2020

Wreckers and more gardening

Quiet day today, Brad and Robbie took the new truck for a test spin to Nanaimo. Brad wanted to look for a new rear bumper at the wreckers, not necessary but he needed to put some kilometers on it as we need to change a filter at the 500km mark... apparently he's only half way there now but closer than he was this morning, so... and he bought a new bumper... and a new grill... neither of which was needed per se. 

Shop door to the main working garage from inside the office

Bathroom at the wreckers, pretty unique

While they were out gallivanting, I called up a girlfriend (Dana, the new campground manager) and we went for lunch. After which I stopped to grab the mail and another gadget Brad bought for the truck was in. Arriving home I was advised that the fender covers had been delivered to the campground so I drove up quickly and grabbed them before starting the laundry and cleaning the bathroom.

Time to plant some garden goodies:

10 each of Red, Yellow, Orange Bell Peppers and 20 Green

Labelled them too

Remember the carrots? this was 2 days ago

Lots of little nobbies have popped up so they are rolling along

Garlic and Romaine 2 days ago

Garlic and Romaine yesterday.

I planted the ginger yesterday and today its time to plant the garlic according to all those who know about these things... I know I'm waaay ahead of the curve on this but I want to give them a good start before they go outside, especially the slow growing Peppers, they will take awhile and let's face it - it will be March here tomorrow.... March last year was almost like July in Saskatchewan, so I'm not worried. 

What I am worried about and have to figure out is how to get some potatoes to sprout in short order... suggestions?.... anyone?... I bought 3 potatoe bags with the flappy thingy but forgot to set some spuds up to sprout... I'll be researching the fastest way to do that today. I also have to open and peek at the lemon seeds and see if they are sprouting yet as I have no idea how long that will take in soak.


  1. Hopefully everything sprouts beautifully. Way to go with your green thumb.

    1. Ha, hardly a green thumb... I've been known to kill cacti but I'm learning... or trying to. There will be plenty of peppers for you guys too... :D

  2. I remember my parents planting potatoes that had started to sprout to grow in their garden.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yep, you can do that with real food. Its this new Monsanto food that won't regrow even with seeds... corporate grub, kinda scary actually.


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