Monday, 16 March 2020

3 days in Q (uarantine)

As I have begun writing in the evenings - in present tense- and setting the blog to post in the mornings, I realize my posts seem to be 'off'... Hence, the post saying we Q'd  (Quarantined) 'last night' posted Sat am but was written Friday pm, meaning we actually Q'd Thursday at 7pm.

With that cleared up -!?!?!?   ie. I'm writing in the evenings and it posts the next morning.

I do want to say that although it's felt -and evidently, read- as though I've been being alarmist about Covid-19... I am neither an alarmist, nor a prepper. I have been paying attention though and when the powers that be so much as suggest something as extraordinary as closing all borders it is what they call a 'trial balloon', to gauge the people's reaction. No one reacted, so they know its 'on the table' as Trudeau said today...and THAT is politispeak for 'coming to a theatre near you'.... so I have been trying to warn other RVers that this was coming down the pipe. I would suggest that the borders will likely be closed on or before Wednesday. Sooner if Trump trumps Trudeau.

Moving on:
It's been fine so far. But it's only been 3 days, we have been fortunate that the outside temps even during the day have been rather cool so this has helped us adjust to our new reality and I hope it bodes well for us moving forward. We are homebodie types anyway.

I saw today that others in my Pickleball group have also Q'd now. We live next door to Washington state which is a hub of Covid-19 outbreaks and we are a highly sought tourist destination island, and we have seen tourists already for the last couple of weeks. As such, this part of Canada has been asked to Q already, while other areas like our hometown of Saskatoon have a bit more time.

That being said, I recommend being in front of the Q curve - not on the backside of it... pardon the pun ;)

Remember, they are now saying it's a longer incubation than originally believed. Most countries are locking down, significant events are cancelling, Canadian government has now officially warned Canadians to 'return home while you still can'... its not just about you - it's also about who you infect upon your return.

They in the US are now saying this will last 6 months up to 2 years... I sure as hell hope not but I think it could already have spread so far in the US that even if Canada's lockdown is effective no one will be allowed across the border until the US gets it under control. As stated previously, Trump's concern is the economy - he is a business man, after all. Health care is not his forte. Well at least it's warm down there.

The numbers they are quoting are completely skewed as they (here as well) have no tests available and are only testing those who are presenting ill, the tests and the people to take and process those tests are just not available.

It is important to keep in mind that getting 2 weeks supplies won't help much if you are infected today, Q tomorrow, then become ill yourself in 10 days and have only 4 days of supplies left.

Especially with all the closures, shops could be closed and no restocking available... also everyone who stocked 2 weeks worth will likely be restocking all at the same time - if that option is available. Being ill and having no food will not help your body fight off this bug and you won't be allowed in the shops if your ill anyway so don't mess about- get plenty of food - and decongestant - and kleenex. Assume you are already infected -what do you need? (stock illness supplies) stock as though you will be Q'd for 2 weeks and become ill in 2 weeks time. They are also now saying you could get this virus more than once. Yikes! I recommend a couple of months supplies and get things you can eat with a sore throat, soups and the like.

The only item on my list I could not obtain was a thermometer, our old one is dead - so we'll just crack an egg on the others head to check for fever.. LOL

Consider that the US has 350M people. Following what we've seen in other countries - China, 25% will likely become ill. For ease of calculations we'll use 300M people, hence at 25% = 75M infections and approx 5% are dying of it...=  3.75M deaths.

These numbers are based on China's numbers but at this point the US is more aligned to Italy with the lack of response applied to the problem - even to this day. China literally welded high-rise doors shut to contain this - you won't see that in the US, certainly not - in an election year!

For the record - and ease of calculation, Canada has approx 30M people so just delete one 0 off of the numbers above, not sure we did that much better than our US neighbours, so... at least our government is now learning from Italy's mistakes and asking us to Q asap, can expect around 375,000 deaths.

Tomorrow is going to be another brutal day on the markets, with pre-market trading already at the maximum capacity of negative 5% (- 1040 points). Of course, I say that but the market should not be as high as it is now anyway, and the players keep struggling to keep it propped up. Let her drop boys, it'll be a long rough road anyway.

On a lighter note:

Our temperatures, when I looked this morning are expected to climb after today and we will be out and about, so expect some pics... so excited to get out in that amazing sunshine.


  1. "Hang on to your false teeth Gladys! We are about to ride on a very rocky road for some time!" Thankfully you guys and Ray and I, live in a small community. Less chance of infection with less people hopefully.

    1. If you have a little known place to walk the dog, I advise you stay close to it. I seem to recall you guys also have a favourite spot that's close to home. Of course, it is important to maintain a distance of dogs also should you meet someone on the trails...

  2. Being in the fresh air and sunlight will definitely help us all but you still have to keep a distance with anyone else to avoid contamination.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Q.

    It's about time.

  3. I understand what you are saying about snowbirds needing to return home immediately but what you also need to realize is some of the roads are not allowing us to do that. Not so bad if you are going to the BC coast, not as easy if you are returning to the interior. And they are not closing the borders to Canadians, nor are they not refusing Canadians entry. What they are refusing, and rightly so, is sick Canadians access to airplanes. So Canadian snowbirds, use your heads, don't panic, watch the weather and come home as soon as it is SAFELY possible.

    1. Very good points. Keep in mind this was written last night and the border was locked down today. Point is snowbirds 'could' get to Canada via BC and then cross when things warm up... wait for the Ontario thaw and they could well be sick by then.


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