Friday, 27 March 2020

Keyhole Kaibosh

After my personal struggle of just physically trying to sort out the garden, and yesterday I was unable to secure some items that I require to put the garden together without breaking quarantine...

Also with posts on local FaceBook pages from island farmers who are unsure what they will be doing with all their products come selling season given that Salt Spring Island's world famous Saturday market has been cancelled indefinitely... and no tourists can be expected at this point...

I have decided not to finish the garden.

We have joined both an island vegetable and a meat CSA to provide us what we will need for the season.

Now I just need the rain to stop so that I can dismantle the cardboard mess I have created on the landlord's property...

I will do a proper keyhole garden some other time assuming the pandemic will end at some point....


  1. Too bad your project will not come to fruition. But the upside is that you have all the information to build it more easily next time when this world settles back down into some normalcy whenever that will be.

    1. Normal... didn't think I knew what that was until this happened... haha. Yes, once something resembling normal comes around - maybe next spring.


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