Saturday, 7 March 2020

Staying close to 'home'

Because our girl took a holiday -- I know, right?!! -- Brad didn't get his massage early in the week and we were both booked in with her on Friday, thankfully because Brad needed it after the accident. I needed it too it turned out but I wasn't suffering with it. Anyway, we've been staying close to the 'house' just trying to recoup from the last week, it was a bad one. Here are pics of the property.

Garden/Duck waddle area

Top of the driveway done up very nice, would be gorgeous in summer, I'm sure with the little bridge there.

The Ducks, there are only 3 somehow I thought it was 5 but nope. The front one is the male and he is very aggressive about protecting his girls... hissing and threatening to come after you, etc. So far its just bravado, he better hope it stays that way...

Pathway to the garden/waddle area

The ducks walk around the property all day, they are let out in the morning and put in at dusk so the raccoons don't get at them. That's the extent of it other than a little feed in a bowl. 

They have a pond at the other end of the driveway, the gate is never shut but they do not wander out - this is amazing to me... but I've been watching them closely and they don't. They waddle all day long back and forth: pond to grass beside house and around the back then down to the pond again, etc. all day long. It's amusing to watch and the girls are so cute with their little warrior leading them around everywhere. 

Can't believe its Saturday already, we're back home again on Monday. Seems like we just got here...

Accident update: Since it happened on private property and we cannot find a witness who saw it - unless they went to the police on their own - there is nothing the cops can do. A claim has been filed with ICBC - there has to be some consequence. As far as I'm concerned the guy should have just owned up to it as ICBC will be more expensive in the long run than a ticket for a couple of hundred bucks.

I just hope he learns something from this so it won't happen to an elderly person or small child next time.


  1. If you make a suggestion to the police they can have the Law amended that if a driver strikes a person whether on Private Property or not they can be charged.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the ducks.

    It's about time.


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