Wednesday, 1 April 2020

April 1st but this is no joke

April 1st finds us isolated, yet somehow communities are closer than ever... banging pots, singing and/or generally making noise at 7pm to show support for our front line workers.

Who would have ever thought that those workers many considered to be 'invisible' would be the saviors of our society...  putting themselves at risk even knowing from first hand experience just what the end of that risk looks like... loneliness and fear. Unable to have family with you when you pass would be very difficult and these front line doctors/nurses/aides are stepping up and being there for our loved ones in that circumstance. For this, we thank them yet again.

What was once considered an 'inconsequential' job by some, the local stock boys/girls at the grocers have now become our front line soldiers that the world would not survive without. This virus will teach many of us (some in my family, that shall remain nameless) that the idea of a 'class' of people is a ridiculous notion -- everyone matters!!

The idea that age is a factor turns out to have been only because it originally showed itself in an old folks home with close proximity and lack of privacy and not due to age at all. Babies, 30's and 40's ... all ages are dying of this now...

WTF is going on with Trump?! Finally he seems to have got it - they must have told him that all these deaths would affect his re-election chances because his sole focus has not been on health this whole time... 2 months of economic blah blah, market manipulations while giving bad advice to the populace as a whole is now devastating the entire country... and they have no idea how bad it is because they are so far behind the curve now that they (he) honestly believe they are first... Absolutely disgusting what has been allowed to go on down there. Our condolences to all Americans as they begin this very long and now devastatingly painful journey, the likes of which the world has yet to see.

You may recall a few weeks ago, I calculated - using China's numbers (they locked down everything instantly) that the US would lose 3.75 Million lives - even Trump is now saying it could be 2.2 Million deaths - if everyone keeps apart, yet no national order to do this has been put in place... I noted then that they were looking closer to Italy's numbers at that time...

Now, 2 months in - the US is in a ballpark all its own- having played fast and loose with trying to keep the stock market from crashing and burning at the expense of letting this virus run wild through their populace- I cannot even imagine how bad it will get as they are now so far off of even Italy's numbers... Spring break in Florida, Mardi Gras in New Orleans... what a mess!!

Personally, we are coming up on 3 weeks in Quarantine now, although we 'reset' our 14 day count every time we have to go somewhere... Brad follows all possible precautions with mask/gloves/goggles, cleaning everything before putting it in Quarantine in our outdoor shed for 5 days when we then allow it to come inside, since 'they' say the virus lasts on items for up to 3 days, we do 5 to be sure and I also track when/where he goes so that if something comes up (someone on a local Facebook page noted last week that she was at the grocers on Mar 13 and is now ill), I am able to check and he was not there that day - as an example.

I am feeling better, having no idea, of course if what I had was Covid or as I believe - a magnesium deficiency. I was able to get a bunch of transplanting done yesterday and will likely try to do a decent walk this afternoon assuming the bloody rain will stop, as 'they' say it will. Feeling less 'cloud covered' in my head - I'm sure you understand what I mean by that...

Stay home, stay isolated, stay safe!!! Do it for you, for me -- for 'them' - whoever 'them' is for you.


  1. Good advice for your readers. Take care and stay safe and healthy.

  2. Good Advice that hopefully many will follow.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your Social Distancing.

    It's about time.

    1. Shall be thinking of you guys tearing through that storage unit tomorrow :D


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