Monday, 13 April 2020

Better garden pics

These pics were from a few days ago, but I got lazy....

Planted more herbs 
Sweet Basil and Parsley

just because I had extra seeds
Thyme, Dill and more peas

Set out a bumble bee water source, pollinators need water too and I kept finding them in the 5 Gal pail needing saving, so...

Second tier planted

again, second tier if you look closely you can see the toilet rolls I used to allow more room for roots before planting outdoors...

Bell peppers of every colour in back and I moved the carrots up from below to this top tier where the soil is deeper.

View from the top where the peppers and carrots are... shows all 3 tiers and our little seating area which we enjoy when the sun is out.


  1. The garden is looking good. Wait until everything starts to ripen.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the isolation.

    It's about time.

    1. It's really just something to do to occupy us, we've ordered a CSA vegetable source for the summer.

  2. Replies
    1. LOL Subtle hint? Yes okay, I'll do some more recipes...

  3. Great start on your garden. A couple of months and you will have produce. lol

    1. Its all about the weeding and watching something grow during quarantinedom... we have a CSA for summer veg, apparently between the rabbits and deer there won't be much left for us...


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