Friday, 3 April 2020

Got corn and 4X as far

Written: Friday April 3rd. Yeah, yeah I know.... I'm doing the best that I can...

Update: Houston, we have corn! -- that is all I'm saying on this subject.

I managed to walk 4X as far as I did the other day. You may recall that we went for a walk and I had to stop just passed the neighbours driveway.. (again, these are 5 acre plots here)... today I went to the 4th driveway before stopping, waiting for Brad & Robbie to go the rest of the way and back before joining them again to continue the walk home.

Its actually snowing, fluffy hail. We can't hear it in the RV because of the trees but once we got to the top of the driveway we realized it was raining... by the time we got to the next driveway the rain had turned to snow - we could see it on Brad's dark blue coat. Our inside gadget tells me that it is +4C outside ( I don't know ... something like 35F).

Once back at the RV we put out the awning and sat down to enjoy some fresh air. Our neighbour lady was leaving her house and we knew from Facebook that it was her birthday today so we went to the end of our site and sang Happy Birthday as she drove by... she put her window down to say thank you from about 10ft away. She is 24 today.

We then sat back down outside for about 10 minutes before I cracked and had to come inside for the cold. I'm just a girl after all! The cutest in the world, admittedly... but I don't like the cold! LOL

Really beginning to wonder if this is Covid but no way to know as there is no fever, cough or anything other than difficulty with some motor skills, heaviness and charlie horse muscles - my nose has been running but it has been for ages because of the hot/cold furnace flow which causes me to yawn - which makes my eyes water - which makes my nose run... its a vicious cycle... I tell you I sure do miss central heating!!

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