Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Making bread with homemade yeast

My bread machine arrived a couple of days ago.

We had been nursing a starter (yeast) like a 2 day old baby. Very odd I agree, but it sure worked.

3/4C Flour and 1/2C Water in a jar, mixed so that no dry flour remains - wrap paper towel over jar opening with elastic and coddled in warmth (ie wrapped in a tea towel and cuddled over a movie) eventually creates bubbles in the yeast. You can cap it with a lid and refrigerate for up to a week before using half and re-feeding. Just warm it up to room temperature before using.

I have since learned to double this recipe as my bread recipe required all of this starter and your only meant to use half at a time and then 'feed' it another dose as above (ie 3/4C + 1/2C) to keep it going...

The new machine

First loaf kneading (dual action blades in this bad boy)


No comment...

Upside down it came out pretty good, right?!

Right side up the top had fallen.. must have shut the door too hard not thinking....

Still fluffy and delicious though.

Tried it again yesterday and...

Nice one! Just made sure not to shut the RV door hard and it held - mostly.

For a hell of a good laugh I highly recommend David's video on YouTube here: Cruising the Cut recently posted of his bread making attempt -- which had me in hysterics this am.... perhaps its the typical british humour but I loved it. Anyway, I do hope you get a laugh from it as I did.


  1. Way to go. Your bread rose beautifully.

  2. Hope you didn't have the problems poor David did. Homemade bread is so tasty but also addictive.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your success.

    It's about time.

    1. OMG I haven't laughed that hard for a looong time.

  3. You cuddle it in a towel and watch a movie????

    1. Yup, super creepy but to be clear the jar is in the towel - not me LOL

  4. I'm glad you are feeling better. Very scary episode. I just love Dr. Google :) I'm going to buy a bread machine off our local buy & sell page for $25. What brand is yours ? ~Kelly

    1. Ours is a Kuraidori... sounds Japanese but it was literally the ONLY one I could find. Like toilet paper the bread machine isles are empty... if you found one for $25 I'd jump on it! Good luck.


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