Monday, 27 April 2020

Slow week in Quarantine

Well people... much like everyone else its been a slow week around here. Sometimes I like that I have an excuse to be lazy - ie Brad won't let me exercise yet in order to allow my organs to heal properly... I know this is smart since I was in such a state so I am agreeing to this... however, this coming Tuesday will be 2 weeks.... and I intend to start my 'build it back to normal' bodily exercises at that 2 week mark.

Also on Tuesday I have a call appointment with the Endocrinologist - no idea what to expect from that.

Basically this week we have just been puttering with the garden - I got a few more things planted as they were eaten in house and sprouted in glasses - we sat in whatever sun the clouds graced us with, Brad has been walking Robbie and we had a couple of days stuck indoors during rain. We went for a 2 hour drive around the island one day just for a change of pace and saw a few areas we hadn't previous scoped out... found some interesting spots, too.

We stopped at a farm stand on our travels and picked up some ribs which turned out not to be what we expected and were really tough and chewy once we had them rubbed and cooked on the BBQ with some asparagus... It was good, just not what we had thought we were buying. A lot of meat though for the $20.

Realized yesterday that my bank card is missing. When I last went in to the hospital I gave it to Brad since I just keep it in my back pocket and didn't want to lose it.... not my brightest idea as now it is lost. We have to go to Duncan to get another because while I can order one I will still have to go to a Scotia bank machine (our island does not have a Scotiabank) to PIN it, so might just as well go across and do it all at once instead of waiting for the mail and then having to go across anyway.

Grateful that to our knowledge, so far at least, no one in our family has contracted the dreaded C-19.

I have returned my rings to my fingers, chubby though they are... although I notice today that the rings are spinning, which is always a good sign - if a whole lot of annoying.

Still drinking tons of water, making the effort to 'stretch' my bladder as per Dr instructions.... ie when you would normally go - wait 10 more minutes...

I think its working... yup let's go with that for now...


  1. Glad your health is improving.
    Might call in the Bank Card so you can pick it up at that Bank and not spend so much time inside.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Spring.

    It's about time.

    1. We actually just got new cards a couple of months ago and it was in and out in a few minutes.

  2. Glad you are feeling better. What a scare on top of this C-19. Our son has fully recovered from Covid and fortunately he did not have very severe symptoms. Take care of yourselves.

    1. So glad to hear he is past it as I'm sure you were. I'll be starting to build my activity level back up now although my hip is sore this am for some reason... always something.

  3. Hmmm, when you gotta go, you gotta go, and if you don't go when you gotta go, you'll find that you're already went.


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